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Day 1

I had a thought: if some of my traffic comes from Twitter to Medium and my blog, wouldn’t I want to maximize this – in a hands-free fashion? I’ve done this before – some of my accounts had 5k+ followers in a few months. I had bought a Google sheets templated sheet doc with Twitter integrations, and bam it flew. I later created a Github repo for a hackathon starter fork where I put in all these juicey follow, retweet, favorite logics into a prettier UI.

The benefit of the hackathon starter is that I can login via oauth – meaning the app has api keys, but the user does not. We’re all used to oauth login – do you want to login using gmail/facebook/twitter? Redirect to platform, redirect to site, success!

I resurrected my gsheet today and started the magic. I made some edits to the code: specifically we want to follow, retweet and favorite. Hooah!

Let’s set our benchmark…

Day 2

Well, we have some initial results! Twitter app on my phone has been blowing up. Let’s analyze the results so far…

We’ve gained 13 followers in 24 hours! That might not sound like much, but it’s a full 10.8% increase over where we were. Even better than that, the amount of followers vs the amount of people I’ve followed – an important metric on Twitter – has actually increased!

I did notice that the UI on Twitter wouldn’t let me follow people. This is dangerous, as if we try to follow too many people and get errors because our account is limited, Twitter may ban the account. We remove the follow directives, and increase retweets and likes.

Day 3

Wow! A further 12% increase in followers! Our ratio increased again, too. That’s fantastic news… I’m greedy now, and so I’m going to increase the retweets and favorites from one per search term per hour up to 3. This should accelerate this monster… let’s wait and find out!

UPDATE: 3/4 the way through Day 3, let’s take a look at results. Just because I hate waiting.

Well, that strategy appears to be working! No longer is my account limited, and also my followers increased a further 12% on top of the last 12% and 10% – an increase in rate. When we check in in another 6ish hours we’ll hopefully see that the data for the 18th reflect a massive increase.

What’s even better is that my follower vs followed ratio is increasing SIGNIFICANTLY. Because I’m no longer following people using the bot – although I did some manually, messing up stats – this ratio is now EXPLODING.

Twitter limits your ability to follow new people after you follow 5k, and if this ratio is too too deep then everyone will assume you’re digging for followers and your rate of follow backs will decrease. D’oh!

Day 4

Twitter: Free Money

Social traffic and engagements are literally free money if you monetize your visitors in any way, or put a dollar value on them.

Plus – we’ve seen a massive increase in both followers and the ratio! Booya!

Day 5

The followers and ratio continue their upwards trend, although slowing down…

Day 6

Oh! I know why my followed is still trending up. My code had a hard-coded ‘followback’ feature. Let’s turn that off!

Day 7

Looking good…

We’ve now accomplished the 2nd-highest daily increase in % follower/followed ratio. Hooah!

That concludes our 7-day adventure into automating Twitter engagements, for fun and profit.

We’ve seen an 85% increase – nearly double! In followers over 7 days, and 30% increase in follower/followed ratio. These are huge numbers, indicative of a healthy and growing Twitter following.

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