A long long time ago I left the army and decided to make the absolute best living for myself without breaking a sweat.

This led me to a lifetime sitting in front of a computer in PJs and dreaming up new challenges for myself, and learning how I can basically hack my way through any technical problem that came along. My sheer count of Github repos grew, mostly to do with arbitrage in adtech or sports betting and then wham, crypto exploded.

I’d thought it was anonymous online money for the gangsters of the world until I looked into it – and discovered Satoshi, and discovered a revolution.

Wholly onboard, I started working customer support jobs for crypto companies. Yawn!

My birthday of last year Ryan headhunted me to be the third active member of the Coindex team. And my life changed. While little to no money yet, we’re at a quintessential stage of growth. Some of you have already been using various stages of their beta, and Ryan will have news for you here when we go live with our newly evolved market maker. 

Join Discord: https://discord.gg/xuWjAUv?ref=hackernoon.com

Further reading: https://hackernoon.com/heres-what-my-crypto-trading-bot-will-do-with-a-little-help-from-binance-and-deribit-ac1ml32ny

What I’m writing to you about is a pet project really. The net difference on positive and negative funding rates on exchanges allows for a ton of easy money to be made. If you build a perp and hedge it with another perp in another exchange, and have all your funds in USDT and trade a half dozen pairs that we know will yield us more $ than what the maker fees cost to get into and out of position.. that’s a goldmine.

I wrote some of you about this before, but now the bot is nearly ready for some production betas. I’m not presently charging for this bot (although Coindex may, in their infinite wisdom, or may somehow otherwise incorporate it into our strategies.

Hilariously the bot I’m showing you in these screenshots isn’t the exact bot i’m plugging – but it’s very close! The bot we’ll be running will be on Binance and FTX, and given default settings will always earn 2x the funding income it spends on market pairs.. The next issue for me to nail out is to not trade those pairs with lower volume on FTX… but seeing as how there’s 4-5 to choose from earning more in the net difference than fees cost, that’s no biggie.

Here’s a screenshot from THIS bot, in an email I penned most of you before getting buried in Coindex work again:

Keep in mind that this is highly beta software and you can lose all your funds. This is not investment advice. 

Keep in mind too the software is nowhere near completion – that’s why we call it beta access. There will be bugs, some will lose some money and some will gain some money.

If you do want to continue, sign up for a brand new binance account and don’t use a referral code. For Binance as a Broker, I get rebates when you use my API key that’s hard-coded in the code (so long as there’s no referral tied to the account). Then, sign up for a new FTX account here:


I know some of you folks already have a set of new accounts and are waiting on me to share the code 🙂 I won’t actually be sharing the code, though, I’ll be spinning you guys up some instances that run and track and graph your balance over time after you folks provide your (non-withdrawal, futures enabled) API key.

Write me back and we can get started!

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