Social Unrest, Rioting, Racism & Dissent and Discontent

Let’s be clear: Trump mentioning “Second Amendment rights” while discussing the protests is a direct call to arms to the right wing radicals and other armed individuals who have integrated themselves with peaceful protesters. He is asking for violence from his base. There are much larger issues preventing us from ending racism. The ultra-rich’s only […]

Trader, Trader, Where Art Thou, Trader?

Here’s a shoutout to whoever ‘across the pond’ used my Deribit referral link and then traded ~$50 million USD notinoal over the last 8 days, stopping 2 days ago. I really hope you’d enjoyed whatever flavor of my bots you were using, and would like to offer you exclusive access to Coindex’s bleeding edge bots: […]

Coindex Labs – Who Are We? How Can You Try Our Free Trial? + See Our Market Maker Trading Bot LIVE!

hi and welcome to this introductory video introducing coin deck slabs our inaugural market-making bought and the free five-day trial that we have on offer for new signups so what’s the agenda for today what is coin deck collapse well my novice understanding of the underlying artificial intelligence algorithms lives at this hacker noon article […]

Next Up on Ongoing Negotiations with Kraken, Bitfinex, BitMEX, and Successful Ones With Deribit and Binance: FTX!

Darren, While we’re excited about the prospect of trading many more high-liquidity perps vs futures, FTX allows many other interesting opportunities. I rewrote the bot and was trading around 12 perps and hedging them against futs or vica versa simultaneously – the bot is ready to be put in production, even though the change from […]

Some Major Negotiations with Some of the World’s Largest Crypto Exchanges, Binance and Deribit

See this article in it’s original from on! UPDATE: We’re now LIVE with our offering for a 5-day trial with max 0.05 BTC balance. The market maker will prove itself by working for you before you have to pay us anything! Over the last week, I’ve managed to wrangle Deribit and Binance into […]