Building an AI && Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

View this post in it’s original form on! With Google’s execs offering warnings on regulating AIs and thinktanks predicting artificial intelligence will take over all sectors of labor, and AI stealing jobs having an effect on the campaign trail – it’s as important as ever to know everything you need to know about artificial […]

Top 3 Ways: How to Influence People and Make Friends (and How Maslow Theory Applies)

Read this post in it’s original form on! Do you need motivation? Learn how to influence people and make friends with this quick cheat-sheet, straight from the mind of someone who’s almost a narcissist! No, wait, before you click off thinking ‘yeah yeah edgelord’ consider this: the people who know most about how to […]

How to Build a Winning Tool for Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data

See this post in it’s original form on! Today, we’ll summarize my continued efforts to build a sentiment analysis tool. This tool is using the Twitter API to consume 97 different Twitter handles, that provide Crypto trading signals. This method can easily be applied to traditional markets – effectively capitalizing on new and highly […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Universally Applied (for 1st World Countries, anyways), Here’s a Wellness Pyramid!

View this post in it’s original form, on! In a given Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs you’ll find a tiered pyramid that starts with you being fed, and climbs thru safety then belongingness and love, esteem, and finally – at the highest tier – self-actualization. A brief search on your favorite search engine will find […]

Some Recent Reddit Posts of Mine: Microtipping, the Future of Social Rewards, Driving Crypto Adoption, and Code for a 1st Party Ad Rotator

Microtipping: Future of Social Rewards? With a minimum BAT tip of 1 BAT, there’s been some discussion around the interwebs of instituting a custom # BAT tip. This would allow, as one user mentioned, the ability to microtip a fraction of a BAT at the same time they save a tweet for later – which […]

Top 4 (And Bonuses!) Reasons You Should Always Prepare for the Worst

Join our growing Telegram community for blog updates, bot chat, general fun and crypto madness? #1: You’ll Always be Pleasantly Surprised This is actually a secret my mom taught me over and over again. If you expect the worst possible outcome in any given situation – love, relationships, family, work – then whatever does […]

What are trade bots? Robot traders explained!

Read this article in it’s original form, on! Join our growing Telegram community for blog updates, bot chat, general fun and crypto madness? Introduction There’s nothing more enjoyable than trading for a living. You basically sit there, and exchange money for other things of value and then back again. Rinse wash repeat, and […]