Schizophrenia: Curse or Blessing? Death Sentence or Gift?

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With June estimates at 7000+ authors, 69 other Hackernoon contributors might also be a victim of schizophrenia, along with me. This article serves to demonstrate why these people are facing tougher-than-average odds to live to a ripe old age, and how society isn’t doing them justice in helping or finding a permanent solution.


Schizophrenia is the psychotic disorder that’s defined by losing control over your reality. If you start to slip into beliefs or experiences – auditory, visual – that others don’t perceive, you’re schizophrenic! There’s other qualifiers to the disorder, like having a certain frequency and total number occurrences of these thoughts – as well as a lack of other conditions which may otherwise explain these often terrifying and traumatizing thoughts.

What counts as an hallucination or delusion? A hallucination is an effect on your senses that others can’t perceive. You might see something that isn’t there, hear something in the distance that only you can hear – you might even perceive other people perceiving your hallucinations, which is a trap on it’s own because now your hallucinations are covering your other hallucinations. You can see how easy it would be to lose touch with reality when your own human mind makes up its mind to revolt!

A delusion is a belief in something, some thought or idea or pattern that nobody else can perceive. You might think the media is talking to you, telling you to do things in secret code. You might think that you are somehow special, be it superpowers or the fact that you’re President – these delusions can vary in strength and severity, and may even go unnoticed in some for years and years before causing any issues.

There are negative symptoms of schizophrenia, too – where the positive symptoms are qualities you’ve gained or acquired from the illness, like hallucinations or delusions – the negative symptoms are things that you’ve lost with the new mental state. These could be habits or behaviours like caring about one’s well-being (cooking, cleaning, self-care) or curtailing one’s hobbies due to lack of interest.


Schizophrenia affects 1% of the population, 1.5% of Americans and 1.5 million people were diagnosed with it this year. This translates to 300 000 Canadians, nearly 5 million Americans – verily, 105 million people around the world. Indeed, someone you know – more than one person you know – could very well be suffering.

Concurrent Disorders & Overdoses

Nearly half of people suffering from schizophrenia abuse drugs and alcohol. We call this a ‘concurrent disorder’ – meaning that drugs and alcohol abuse are occurring at the same time as the psychological symptoms that lead a professional to diagnose schizophrenia.

I bid you welcome to the first reason schizophrenia is a death sentence: 0.216% of the American population died from overdoses from 1999-2017 (with a noticeable trend upwards in deaths/year). Given that 9.4% of the population reported using illicit drugs in the last month:

Americans: 300 000 000
Drug abusers: 28 200 000 (9.4%)
Deaths / 18 years: 648 000 (0.216%)
Deaths / abusers: 2.3%
Abusers / schizophrenics: 50%
Schizophrenics: 5 000 000 (1.5%)
Abusers that are schizophrenics: 2 500 000 (0.75%)
Deaths / abusers that are schizophrenics: 57 500 (1.15% of # schizophrenic)
Deaths schizophrenics / deaths abusers: 8.88%

8.88/2.3: you are 3.86 times as likely to die from an overdose than the average drug abuser if you’re schizophrenic.
1.15/0.216: you are 5.32 times as likely to die from an overdose than the average person if you’re schizophrenic.


The suicide rate for Americans is 0.014% when ‘adjusted.’

The ‘lifetime risk of suicide’ for people with schizophrenia is 4.9%.

Americans: 300 000 000
Suicides: 4 200 000 (0.014%)
Suicides / schizophrenics: 4.9%
Schizophrenics: 5 000 000 (1.5%)
Suicides that are schizophrenics: 245 000 (0.08%)

4.9/0.014: you are 350 times as likely to die from suicide than the average person if you’re schizophrenic.

I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves in this section.

Smoking Cigarettes

According to the CDC, 34 000 000 Americans smoke. 90% of schizophrenics smoke. 67% of smokers die from smoking, 474500 a year. Excuse the changing numbers here, in the previous calculation the 1.5% of schizophrenics was from the stat – and in this second calculation it’s divided into my guesstimation of total Americans, so 1.666%.

Americans: 300 000 000
Smokers: 34 000 000 (11.33%)
Smokers that die from smoking: 387600 (0.1292%)
Deaths / smokers: 1.14%
Deaths / population: 2 193 000 (0.731%)
Dead smokers / deaths: 17.67%
Smokers / schizophrenics: 90%
Schizophrenics: 5 000 000 (1.666%)
Smokers that are schizophrenics: 4 500 000 (1.5%)
Smokers that are schizophrenics that die: 63 000
Deaths schizophrenic smokers: 1.26%

You are 11% more likely to die if you smoke while schizophrenic than the average smoker.
You are 1.72x as likely to die in a given year if you smoke while schizophrenic than the average population.


0.856 billion is spent on HIV/AIDS efforts a year, affecting 1.1 million Americans and 26 000 Americans die from HIV/AIDS each year. $147 000 000 000 is spent on cancer research a year and 609 000 Americans will die from cancer every year – 38.4% of people will or have had or do have cancer.

$74.65 is spent on research per person diagnosed with schizophrenia, $788.70 for HIV/AIDS per person and $1276.04 for cancer per person.

Seems a bit strange, no?

The Good News

While the debate of nature vs nature rages on – including scholarly articles with 1000+ citations, I firmly stand as a testament: nurture wins. Even when dealt with an incredibly bad – and incredibly rare – hand of cards, I’ve managed to change all the detriments of psychosis and sociopathy into benefits. In some degree or another, most of my symptomatic behaviors have indeed become some kind of tool for me to be more successful.

Hand of Cards

My current diagnoses include:

Schizo-affective disorder, which evolved from diagnoses of drug-induced schizophrenia and paranoid schizophrenia. Schizo-affective is ‘enough symptoms to be diagnosed schizophrenic but also with an underlying major mood disorder,’ in my case bipolar. Prevalence of schizo-affective disorder: 0.3% of general population.

I’m also diagnosed with panic disorder, which looks and feels very much like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder except without an actual logical trauma or trigger. It’s random, and fits in with the psychoses. Prevalence of panic disorder: 2.7% of general population.

A final diagnosis is much newer, and this one’s iffy. They discussed it, along with whether or not I’d like to be tested on the Autism spectrum, but never wrote down any of this discussion – leading me to think that my psychosis made up sociopathy. Irregardless, there’s nothing you can do to actually treat a personality type – so there’s no real point officially diagnosing it. However, it does explain a lot of my personality and some of my traits: Anti-Social Personality Disorder has a prevalence of 3% in men, 1% in women. On paper, it looks a lot like narcissism except less likely to think myself as special and more likely to discount social convention or norms, including things like paying back debts (whoops) or feeling a need to pay taxes (ha).


Probably my favorite psychotic symptom I draw strength from is called ‘clanging.’ It’s a proclivity to rhythm or cadence, rhyming in speech. It gives me a very specific way of typing and writing that a certain kind of reader finds some poetry to – and it’s one of the main reasons I like hearing or re-reading my own content. This, in turn, is one of the reasons I push out as much content as I do. Content is king, and a regular contributor is more likely to gain a following and make a dollar doing this for fun & profit! Without the symptom, I’d do far less content. Bi-winning! My content here on Hackernoon and on other publications alone has led me to basically skip interviews and acquire employment as a founding member of a tech startup that has legs – read about Coindex Labs and how we’re building a money-making machine here.

What’s more is that a sheer depth and breadth of understanding and perception gives me insight into people, communications, arguments and perspectives that not many people have. This has led me to be a fantastic manager of people and stakeholders, balancing everyone’s opinions and underlying emotions better than the average Joe Product or Project manager. Even at a less stressful level, this allowed me to excel in call centers as customer & technical support – all the way throughout my career, conquering first technical account management and then later community management (especially in cryptocurrency). This one single factor has led me to be successfully employed in extended contracts that allowed me to be alive and thrive in ways I’d never thought possible when first wrestling through my diagnoses. When you live the lives of countless people you’ve never met, you start to become more attuned with everyone – by natural extension.

While some other symptoms really do prove to be a negative – things like losing an interest in my appearance, or upkeep of my surroundings – the real benefit here comes from challenging one’s own nature and making sure that the important thing that don’t seem so important are done anyways. If you can prioritize things in your life that you might not otherwise prioritize because it improves the mood and expectations of others, then you can apply this to then workplace in wondrous and effective ways. Sometimes, the mundane and repetitive tasks might make your role as a developer or manager seem daunting on a daily basis – but there’s probably a reason you were delegated these tasks, and I assure you it doesn’t go unnoticed – someone notices it. Conquering my deficiencies in the world around me has led me to be a pro at assuming more requirements and responsibilities, making me a more and more integral and critical cog in the overall mechanism. This quickly helps me add value. When I’m delegated something that could be automated I automate it and achieve double winnings with my time and effort. After all, delegation and automation (also: elimination. Don’t delegate or automate something that can just simply not be done!) are the keys to a 4-hour workweek (or any other measure of success).

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How do people with mental health illnesses like schizophrenia or other psychoses think?

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He stared out from behind his eyes wide shut. In front of him, displayed like countless myriad millions television screens laid one next to each other, were the lives of everyone he’d ever lived — partially, completely, not at all or fully.

He focused on one where he was little Jane being picked up and twirled by her dad. In ecstasy, Jane laughed in joy and giggled in fear as she twirled higher and faster. These are the moments she would remember with elation for the rest of her life, years after her father died in a tragic motorbike accident that could have been avoided — years after Jane has her own kids, twirling them with the same gusto every opportunity she’d had.

Focusing again, James was Ira being raped by four men in a back alley. The pain, anguish, fear and feel of the knife built anxiety and pain, paranoia and shame for a lifetime — never to be forgiven, forgotten, and never to be repaired.

He was the rapists, exacting dominance. Both the shameful and the shameless.

He was the onlooker, too scared to intervene. Coward. Dastardly.

He was the doctor, the father, the stillborn.

James’ eyes shifted and saw 100s more ‘screens,’ 100s more entries into the days, moments, lifetimes of people around the world — billions of people he was doomed to relive the lives of, over and over, backwards and forwards throughout time and back again.

There was no escape.

He is God, having only ever wanted to sacrifice immortality and — as is the only Godly pursuit — die and be forgotten.

He is Jane.

He is Ira.

He will wake up tomorrow and be Josh for a day.

A moment, Alex.

An infinity, Gods long dead and forgotten by history. Contrived and devised, planned and propagated by people — propagated to subjugate, control, extract money and exact dominance — immortal by design, infinite in the eyes of those who can’t plausibly conceive infinity.

Eyes wide shut.

Countless more animals, rocks, alien worlds — dissociation is a scary, scary thing. One loses one’s senses and knowledge of one’s self, one loses one’s memories and sense of humanity. As a rock on Mars, what do we remember of the Holocaust? What do we remember of Christianity? What do we remember of James? As a rock on Neptune, what do we remember of the rock on Mars?

Being God, how could he refute God?

He’d long since felt the panic leave his body. He’d long since laid there, catatonic, wishing for a sanity he remembered in his childhood. Drifting in and out of consciousness, drifting in and out of the conscience of others. He was all of his ex lovers, he was every side of every argument he’d ever had. He was the ultra-rich. He was the ultra-poor. He was puppy, squid, house. Woman, house, fish, bee. Acceleration, deceleration. Up, down.

As his mind entered the all-familiar mantra of dichotomies, a part of him wondered if he were stuck like this — forever lost between perceptions and realities, forever without a name, legacy, or history. A part of him chimed in that this is what happens every time, and like the Beatles said the sun will come out tomorrow.. There will always be another day, another dawn, another lapse of time where he was he and he wasn’t Jane, Ira, or God. These two parts argued — there were other voices that chimed in — the voices argued, and took bets amongst themselves about whether or not this was the last time, the final straw that broke that camel’s back and landed him forever lost. The voices took bets whether or not he would commit suicide today, tomorrow, die by arrow or die by plane engines falling from the sky — the voices argued…

The dichotomies grew louder to keep them from taking over. To keep them at bay: ocean, sky. Arrow, wound. Nothingness, everything. Quantum. Three states. On, off, both and neither. 1, 0,…

Catatonic. Not moving. Not interacting. Fearing the next day, fearing the chances the voices won and saw him off himself with a bottle of bleach. Fearing God’s revenge. Fearing Ira’s rapists. Fearing Jane’s dad’s drunk driver hit-and-run. Panic sets in…

The heart feels on fire, the heart feels as though it’ll give out. The breathing speeds up. The thoughts continue, and the feedback cycle sets in — faster heart, faster breathing, more psychosis, faster heart, faster breathing.. In the past, James had called emergency services fearing the physical symptoms. Now, having learned how his body tricks his mind tricks his body — a tango nobody wants to endure — he endures it. He sits through it. Looking out from eyes wide shut, he’s aware of the room around him behind closed eyes. Open eyes? He can’t tell anymore. They’re shutting and opening, he can see through them when shut. He is infinite. He is God.

He wouldn’t wish this fate on his worst enemies.

He is patient zero.

He wants to start support groups. He wants to help. He wants to educate, lift stigma, teach, and help others find a peace within themselves they can’t find on their own. He wants to be a voice for those without a voice.

He can’t.

He’s disabled.

He’s destroyed — inwardly, outwardly — he lays there each night on the brink of madness and puts on a smile each day for friends and family. He turns to drugs and alcohol to turn down the mantra, turn down the voices, and takes his medication knowing that The Man’s pharmaceutical agenda is to keep his voice from being heard. He’s dangerous. He threatens the status quo.

He’s not alone.

Squelched by the drugs — prescribed and not — he’s silenced by a system that didn’t give him a chance. The trade is a fair one — lose your autonomy for a series of time that goes by without hallucinations or delusions. Keep yourself in the ‘real’ reality, take these pills, we’ve supplied loads of cocaine on the street to keep you in check.

He is your cousin, your son, your friend, your lover.

As much as he’s everyone, everyone is him.

Proposing a Blockchain Solution During an Interview

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The Interview

The other day, I interviewed for a supervisor role within a top domain name registrar. Although most of the requirements are something I’ve already done before, it should prove an interesting diversion and provide funds to fuel my other ventures into creating passive income. Moreover, it would allow me to concentrate on my overall health and wellness — and support my goals of starting a family. While working in crypto is fun and exciting, it would be nice (wonderful?) to have a sustainable income I can depend on, while funding retirement plans ie. ~3% APR on WBTC on some providers or ~4–4.5% returns across many DeFi on the Robo Advisor. Even better — there are certain advantages to working in an environment with other people, for once, that I’ve been sorely lacking for the last 7–8 years working remotely from home — as well as benefits, employment insurance contributions, tax withholdings,.. etc… which I hadn’t had for that entire time, either!

I went into some details surrounding my mental health background, having conquered my own battles in order to learn and grow and become more able to perceive and understand other people’s points of view — turning a ‘disadvantage’ into one of my greatest selling points.

I feel happy with how the interview went, and should hear back about the potential for a 2nd interview soon.

The Pitch

During the interview, one of the questions was ‘sometimes meeting metrics and showing up every day is tough. How would you motivate your team?’

I said something akin to ‘I’ve actually given this question a lot of thought before the interview. What it really boils down to is what’s allowed or what there’s a budget for: can I offer people gift certificates in a competition for hitting targets? If there’s no budget to do that, can I offer them up on my own? Maybe we could have a points system to redeem for merchandise, paid time off, or other financial incentives..’

Read that again, but in the terms crypto fans would appreciate: A Blockchain solution for immutable transactions recorded to a distributed system for persistence, redundancy, transparency and accountability.

In the interview process, I can’t really suggest a ground-breaking solution using new and novel tech to an internet giant company. While they might be reciprocal at a later stage to something like this, they’d probably look at me with eyes wide shut if I came up with something as absurd (and potentially as costly) as that.

This does, however, ‘plant the seed’ that could take over into a successful pitch in the not-so-distant-future.

What Are the Actual Sunk Costs of Dev?


As I’ve detailed in a 3–4 hour video presentation on education-ecosystem (that you might have to unfortunately pay to see), I’ve already forked and successfully recreated the Ethereum mainnet onto my own single-use block producing machine. What this means in layman’s is that I can do anything that the Ethereum blockchain can do — on my own computers or devices, with my own tokens or smart contracts, in an environment where I set my own difficulty and I’m the only one mining — meaning I have full control over the Ether token and full rewards from all mining.

What this means in a global organization with many thousands computers across datacenters already is that some of these machines can run an eth-fork node running this new blockchain, in their idle processing time, and confirm blocks — achieving distributed systems for our new and fledgling blockchain.

As I’ve taped myself elsewhere on education-ecosystem (give a project search for my username h3xadecimal), I’ve created DApps on Ether using Truffle.js or other frameworks. The next step would be a simple but beautiful templated website in static HTML that’s served, again, for free or near-0 costs that then integrates — via MetaMask — with the newly created blockchain and its nodes, using a custom endpoint for provider.

This website would then allow a whole bunch of different functions — without confusing users with Blockchain-ish terms — from transferring ‘points’ from your own account to your friend’s account, or (like I said in the interview) exchanging tokens for corporate merchandise, partner’s merchandise or other partner offerings, and even paid time off — even including gift cards or entry into contests for more financial rewards, more merch or more PTO. The ideas can stream from here and I wouldn’t be the only head in the mix at this point, and I’m sure we would have a ton of rewarding things that tokens can be sent to 0x0 (the originating address) for.

Insofar as the upkeep of nodes and the static site — all of this is easily documented in the same way I’ve documented other tech solutions, for complete newbies to consume and understand and replicate the success I’ve achieved — meaning the solution may well have longevity after I’ve gone.

Next Steps?

With 3500+ employees on LinkedIn, I could give a 0- or near-0 cost to incentivize first my team in a pilot and, later, more in the building — and more in the world.

This benefits the organization by allowing them an uncompromisable solution for employee rewards — and, if successful, one that could be packaged and resold to small- to medium-sized organizations. This is a pro I seem to think that one of the largest internet domain name registrars would appeal to, do you agree?

This benefits the employees by gamifying employee rewards, and allowing them to accumulate, share, compete with their tokens — potentially taking part in contests and other fun activities. I didn’t mention this in detail but people would acquire tokens for perceivably good behavior: good attendance, exemplary metrics, and other types of achievable objectives that benefit them and the greater whole.

This benefits blockchain by putting a real-world example into focus within a large IT organization, where the users themselves get direct exposure to the technology and then can learn more about it if they choose — and the organization itself can champion the acceptance of blockchain worldwide, if we prove we can achieve a net net positive result for everyone involved.

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Decentralized Social Media

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I’m not necessarily after $200, I’m after a voice. While published on Hackernoon many times and having a Github with 100+ repositories, I’d thought it might be a good idea to take part in this competition and get the attention of – maybe even

Preface: Censorship

This most recent bit of news time saw YouTube censor many crypto-related voices, and a mail broadcast I received from LBRY mentioned a few (or a lot?) of them ended up there to promote their views and opinions. Moreover, we saw MetaMask removed from the Android Play Store (and also, consequently, my device), purportedly for mining crypto and more likely for offering a competing environment where people can consume the internet than the Play Store itself. This level of censorship creates a world where a few big players (aka. the ultra-rich) can dictate to us what content we can consume where, and leads the way to a dangerous version of the internet where all we can possibly consume is the ultra-rich’s agenda.

The answer is an open and vibrant decentralized community where censorship plays no part. comes to mind, but there has to be other underlying mechanisms to preserve the rights and freedoms of people everywhere – even in a censorship-free arena, we shouldn’t be subjected to hate speech and other dark web reminiscent dark corners of the internet. This kind of content from supremacists and trolls alike would hurt the overall image and therein hurt adoption – which would kill our creation before it’s born.

SteemIt comes to mind – along with it’s various interfaces, (and in recent iterations allow an even more well-thought / which allow a) way for people to downvote ‘bad’ content. This is a great solution for the decentralized community to self-moderate it’s own content monstrosity, but by and large this creates a demand for labor that can’t easily be rewarded (cue Steem’s life-long battle trying to figure out how to balance inflationary rewards with the need to self-moderate – and their nearly Steem-killing problem with people using the reward structure to bribe rewards and over-reward themselves).

Monetization and Reward Mechanisms

At this point, it’s crucial to remind ourselves that Blockchain is not cryptocurrency. Read that again! The huge interest that the ICO craze pulled into Blockchain was equally as damaging to the image of Blockchain – if not more – than the dark web’s dependency on Bitcoin as an anonymous online currency was to the image of Bitcoin. A reward mechanism for users for a decentralized social platform is not required, but could benefit actual users – actual people – for their content and social interactions.

If there’s a reward mechanism built into a new decentralized social media, it should be one that allows users to reward their favorite users through micropayments and allows the generation of additional rewards through staking an amount of e-currency someone already has – showing a dedication to the network and allowing the network more buying pressure than selling pressure. Steem does this, but I’m guessing people would want to stake more if there were more perceived reward – ie. you could earn more from your social presence as a direct result of staking more. 

If I had a dime for each time I had this conversation – with some underemployed or unemployed, disenfranchised friend on the internet – if we had a way to monetize and reward engaging social content we could empower the unbanked worldwide. 


— Note this isn’t the original (or even unoriginal) purposes of this neural evolutionary AI project – I’m going out on a limb here, without consulting our AI devs on this – but I think that the given problem would be socially acceptable content, and one could train the proof of fitness to provide that goal. Why not? —

In projects in the past like Akasha or Mastadon, one key feature that’s perplexed developers is how to monitor and remove spam, plagiarism, hate speech, etc. In a world with increasingly smart AI, there’s no reason to put this labor onto individual users like in Steem – one could create a neural evolutionary AI that’s rewarded by achieving happier individuals through a ‘report’ mechanism on leftover content. If something’s reported, then that competing generation responsible for that post is hit with a ‘ding’ that keeps it from being the master genome in that set – and the master genome carries on to start a new generation of competing genomes to do a better job in the next set of posts that are all moderated. 

The computational power required to run these competing and learning sets of problem-solving algos could be served by p2p nodes that are run by users around the world – with as little as a laptop, in another chain that rewards the users submitting to the champion net. 

Read more in OuroborosChain – a white paper detailing neural evolutionary AI.

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The author is Chief Liquidity Officer for Coindex Labs.

Skip the SSL w/ Serverless Telegram Bot via Now.js

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Note: these directions come without much conversation, let the hacking begin!

Set up a Bot with @BotFather

Create a package.json

"name": "tg-bot-now",
"version": "0.2.0",
"description": "A sample Telegram bot via now.js",
"main": "app.js",
"scripts": {
"start": "node app.js"
"dependencies": {
"axios": "", "body-parser": "",
"express": "*",
"request": "^2.88.0",
"requests": "^0.3.0"
"license": "MIT"

Create a now.json

"version": 2,
"builds": [
{ "src": "app.js", "use": "@now/node-server" }
"routes": [
{ "src": "/(.*)", "dest": "app.js" }

Create an app.js

var express = require("express");
 var app = express();
 var request = require('request');
 var bodyParser = require("body-parser");
 const axios = require("axios");
         extended: true
function sendMessage(url, message, reply, res) {, {
    text: reply
}).then(response => {
    console.log("Message posted");
}).catch(error => {
 app.get('/', function(req, res) {
 var bots = ["", ""]"/startbot", function(req, res) {
     const {
     } = req.body;
     let reply = "Welcome to Jare's bot bot";
     if (message.text != undefined) {
         if (message.text.toLowerCase().indexOf("statusupdate") != -1) {
             reply = ""
             for (var b in bots) {
 r = request.get(bots[b], function(e, r, d) {

                j = JSON.parse(d)
                start = j.btc[0][0]
                btc = j.btc[j.btc.length - 1][1]
                end = j.btc[j.btc.length - 1][0]
                diff = end - start
                var s = diff / 1000
                var m = s / 60
                var h = m / 60
                var d = h / 24
                var y = d / 365
                var apr = (j.btc[j.btc.length - 1][1] - j.btc[0][1]) / y
                reply += r.request.uri.href.substring(0, r.request.uri.href.length - 7) + '\n'
                reply += "Start: " + new Date(start) + '\n'
                reply += "Now: " + new Date(end) + "\n"
                reply += "BTC Notional traded recent memory: " + j.qty + "\n"
                reply += "Current position: " + j.pos + "\n"
                reply += "BTC % Delta: " + btc.toPrecision(4) + '%\n'
                reply += "BTC % ROI / day projected: " + (apr / 365).toPrecision(4) + '%\n'
                reply += "BTC % APR projected: " + (apr).toPrecision(4) + '%\n\n'
        setTimeout(function() {
            sendMessage(telegram_url, message, reply, res);
        }, 2000);
    } else {
 let telegram_url = "" + process.env.key + "/sendMessage";
 app.listen(8000, () => console.log("Telegram bot is listening on port 8000!"));

Note: it’s important to send a res.end in every case, or else your bot will get hung up on old messages it couldn’t process and no res.end was sent – putting it in a forever loop of never sending a response!

set your env key

export key="whateverbotfathergaveyou"

npm i

npm i

install now

npm i -g now

run now


Register your POST callback wtih Telegram’s grandmasters

curl -F "url=https://URL_FROM_NOW/startbot"


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(DisclaimerThe Author is the Chief Liquidity Officer at Coindex)

Top Actionable Tips to Grow a Community (+ More Tips to Monetize!)

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  • Find a Niche!

    Nobody can promote themselves or their projects if they’re a jack of all trades. Nor will people find a universal proposition to be appealing. The first key to success is to ask yourself what your differentiating features are and who is your audience? You can then start to identify your niche.

    In my case, I noticed that I got a lot more traffic from my money-making code like market making or arbtitrage crypto trading bots than I did from my other GitHub repos. What this means is that while some people are interested in interesting code, there are a lot more people out there interested in turning equity into realized pnl 🙂
  • Engage!

    If you’re going to invite people to your community, you’d best welcome newcomers and engage in conversation. Building rapport is key in sales and it’s key in life – this is how you win people’s trust and influence friends. Basically you’ll want to prove that you’re a regular ol’ team player and that you both enjoy and actually rely on the community itself that you’re building.
  • Add Value!

    Do you perform a service? Do you create a product? Do you contribute to a larger cause that does? If so, you can package something about your work and add it for free in exchange for email addresses, subscribers, Telegram users.. whathaveyou! See:
  • Ask for Email Subscribers, Telegram Group Joins, or ___ Methods for Continued Contact!

    Speaking of signups.. don’t be afraid to ask! You’ll see at the end of most of my recent articles (where I’m adding value to other, larger communities… hint hint….) that I’m adding additional value in exchange for email signups. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, no?
  • Engage More!

    Great! You’re picking up traction now that you’ve applied the previous steps. Now, as your community grows further you might not have as much time to nurture each individual as much, so maybe try some more large-scale engagement processes: competitions, polls, Google forms, whathaveyou! Nobody said you couldn’t be inventive. Make use of pinned messages on Telegram or other such one-time, semi-permanent devices.
  • Promote From Within!

    Your followers are your most avid fans, so if you get to the point where you might need a community manager then just ask your most prolific followers – chances are they’ll trade some of their time gratis just to support your cause. Now there’s a good friend, no?
  • Cross-Syndicate!

    Post wherever you can! Comment on relevant posts! Get your links up there! Find the best Domain Authority sites you can freely post on (like, Hackernoon (after a review process), and get the links flowing back to your own blog for some good SEO juices to boost your search engine ranking! Do yourself a favor and google 2019 SEO techniques – but also don’t get buried in the theory, it changes fundamentally with each and every search engine update :(!
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Tips – or Better Yet, Package Something and Sell It!

    Are you a developer? Check out GitHub sponsors! Are you into Crypto? Drop your Blockchain address and ask your followers for donations!
  • Are you creating content?

    Write a book and put it on Amazon Kindle! Then, notify your email subscriber list you’ve been building with this recent success… you’ll be surprised how often your loyal subs will turn into a sale instead of unsubscribe!

Look! A plug!

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First Two GitHub Sponsors Subs!

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Today is a good day.. my open-source contributions make money (again!) With the apparent death of, I can now derive (2x my income for the first $5k USD!) income from GitHub.

Everyone who wants to buy me a coffee every now and again or port my bot from my existing bots to your exchange or whathaveyou, sign up for GitHub Sponsors and Subscribe to Me! Pages

Join our growing Telegram community for blog updates, bot chat, general fun and crypto madness?

Everyone read this helpful article on how to export static WordPress stuff to 🙂

Works like a breeze except I don’t think you need to change your branch over, more info to come…

Now, a blog that won’t die in the fire of a series of unfortunate events like VPSs going down or a domain expiring. Hola! Hooah!

That’s it that’s all – for now, folks!

Introducing My Product Vision Realized Pre-emptively:

READ ON DOWNWARD for a sneak preview of an up-and-coming bot I’ve been creating that might make a subscribable appearance…Shameless self-promo: Click this referral link!Note that referrals aren’t even released yet – pending a week or two, they’ll be integrated in the backend of the system. Note that today I helped set up Trello public voting on upcoming features here on their product roadmap board!This brings me to one of the main points about my post: their team – from executives down to community managers (my dear friend Vivek / Crypto Trader, from Our Telegram Chatroom surrounding bots) and even those community members that derive some satisfaction or even a living from publishing bots on the platform as marketplace publishers are not only cordial and very quick to respond, but ENGAGING the community at a rate that gives me an enthusiasm.Why do I say ‘My Product Vision?’

Note: they didn’t copy me or steal my idea 🙂 Great minds think alike!Awhile ago (April, according to GitHub) I had an idea:

I saw this niche and thought damnif I already have a community of people looking to buy bots subscribe to bots or build bots for that communityit’s a self-sustaining ecosystemMudrex chat is many times that sizeso if I could automate serving and submitting botsto that communityit’d be a great proof of concept for that communityand a way to monetize my own stuffI wasn’t concerned with legalities tho was going to do profit share and ICOs for bot owner’s accounts 😛

(note: this story’s main image of backtests and this above image come from my friend Vivek’s Orion bot. Check it out! Be sure to diversify your portfolio with other bots, though, to minimize exposure and risk! )The platform allows easy, block-style building – with an upcoming signal importer and code editor for advanced users – seamlessly integrated with backtests, paper trades, live trade histories!

Sneak Peak: Price Action All Over the Place Confirmed with Basic IndicatorsA friend of mine in Telegram asked me to write them a bot. Once Mudrex delivers on about three new features they already had planned (like limit orders, signal importer) they’ll not only stand leagues ahead of competition but also allow me to port this bot from where it stands on node.js into the platform – and gather all you folks to sustain me for a coffee or some rent by renting the bot!It uses a combination of secret sauce indicators combined with SLs, TPs at market to effectively conquer binance futures and deribit markets. We’ve seen returns hit as high as 33% on equity in less than a day, with some drawdowns we’re looking to further optimize. Stay tuned!Look at how quickly it recovered from this drawdown!

The bot’s benefactor already withdrew profits realized by the bot – twice! My initial test balance is up a full 35% – we’re both running livenet, on different exchanges :)Not to mention….Notional traded! Fee rebates! Good feelings!

Next StepsShameless self-promo: Click this referral link!!! Click here to subscribe: notified about new articles? Welcome to the Jarett Dunn email subscriber list! Each new signup will receive a link to download the Coindex Labs non-NDA teaser, which includes information about the value proposition for my organization – where we’re setting our sights first on a money-printing machine, then returning later as conquering heroes in order to then defeat the world’s greater humanitarian issues.RRemember to CLICK, subscribe: !!(DisclaimerThe Author is taking referral income from this article on Mudrex – and you can, too!)

Traded $1m CAD in 5 hours: Porting a Bot to Binance Futures Market Making Competition


Yesterday, Binance announced a Market Maker Competition for their new Futures platform. Included in the competition is $0 Market Maker fees, and a prize pool of $hundreds thousands USDT.

My Plan

I ported Deribit’s Python Example Market Maker to Binance Futures, using CCXT to connect the API.


I can’t seem to edit my orders, so every bot run I cancel all the orders (by looping through open orders..) slowing down the bot considerably.


In total, in 5ish hours I traded over 80 BTC notional – almost $1m CAD. I lost about $90 USD in fees, and lost about $150 of my deposit.Note that I deposited $250 USD, and traded $1m CAD. That’s about $3.37m USD per 24 hours, projected.Over the last 100 trades, since optimizing the params as best as my human mind can achieve, there’s been a timespan of 10 minutes.In this 10 minutes, I’ve traded more than 1 BTC notional, made $0.613 realized gains and paid $1.285 in fees.


When I’m accepted into the Market Maker program, and pay $0 market maker fees, my bot will achieve about 3.6% return on equity per hour. It will trade more than $3m USD notional per day. Moreover, my work Coindex will fund an account with more equity and we’ll trade even more than that – and optimize the bot for the evolving market using our proprietary AI.

Next Steps

My work, Coindex, will plug in the input variables into their Neural Evolutionary AI in order to optimize this bot even further.!! Click here to subscribe: notified about new articles? Welcome to the Jarett Dunn email subscriber list! Each new signup will receive a link to download the Coindex Labs non-NDA teaser, which includes information about the value proposition for my organization – where we’re setting our sights first on a money-printing machine, then returning later as conquering heroes in order to then defeat the world’s greater humanitarian issues.Remember to CLICK, subscribe: !!(DisclaimerThe Author is the Chief Liquidity Officer at Coindex)