We used Evolutionary AI and Novel Search to Build a Money-Making Machine

1. Introduction

2. Novel Search

3. Evolutionary Algorithm & Competing Artificial Intelligence Genomes

4. Money-Making Machine

5. Future Use-Cases: Conquering Every World Health Organization and United Nations Initiatives


If you take new and novel (pun intended… read on!) ways to approach a given problem, you can come up with new and exciting ways to defeat that problem.If the problem is ‘how do we trade better than the average cryptocurrency investor, and gain an edge that persists among market conditions’ then there’s a few possible solutions: the manual way, where we learn how to react to a given situation or market condition, or the automated way, where computers do it faster.

In the manual way, we’re limited by our response times and because the majority of our competition are indeed automated traders or even automate trading desks, any edge we temporarily experience will soon be defeated when the market shifts.

In the automated solution, we can use any given search result for ‘github automated crypto bot’ and see what sort of success we can have. We can even devise our own strategy on Mudrex or TradingView and connect it to an exchange, or hire a third-party freelance developer for $$thousands to recreate our pride and joy – but certain characteristics like lag experienced from the crypto exchange’s APIs hitting our servers will render such plans useless.

What’s the best answer?

How about employing computers themselves to learn how to react to new and different market conditions in real-time, by re-appropriating existing crypto trading platforms and optimizing the input variables over a set period of time – using live data and live funds to see how the market reacts to buys, sells, or volume in the orderbooks at a certain point in time?On my birthday this year, I was headhunted by Coindex Lab’s CEO Ryan in order to achieve this effect. He was looking primarily for someone with live experience making market maker bots, or rather, those bots that manipulate both sides of the orderbooks in real-time – on exchanges like BitMex or Deribit, where one can absorb the trading fee rebate for having an order executed against oneself, there isn’t even really a need to accurately predict the movement of a market – so long as you have enough volume on either or both sides of the books, you can count your profits in the fee rebate. Enter my GitHub profile https://githu.com/dunncreativess – where maybe 30-50 of my 111 repositories deal specifically with crypto trading, and the majority of that subset deal with crypto trading arbitrage or other high-frequency trading, and most of those attempt to automate and profit from fee rebates.The first occurence of this was ‘Qryptos Fee Monster,’ which turned a tidy profit but – more importantly, maybe – traded crypto back and forth over the course of a test 24-48 hours to the tune of $5000, $10 000 traded notional value with a mere $200 invested.

Sorry, In laymen’s Terms please?

My bot sat behind the scenes and sold, say, 0.02 Bitcoin for the equivalent value in Ether, then – when the markets hit the right condition – traded it back again, most times at a profitable difference.The key fact was that Qryptos had a fee rebate if you made the market – that is, again, if someone executes an order based on one that you’ve posted on the order book, where that person or bot is the ‘taker’ in the maker-taker model.

So, even if I bought and sold an asset and underlying at a loss, there is a fraction of a percent revenues made from the fee rebate itself.

Either way, my exceptional lessons in both making markets and driving notional liquidity landed me a brand spanking new job as Chief Liquidity Officer, on the founding team of Coindex Labs.This introduction to their value proposition serves as my third set of eyes on the algorithms and learning models employed, and although I am an absolute novice at Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Algos, I hope it sheds some light and peaks some interest on what they are, how they function and – dare I say it – how they might end up saving the world, in more ways than one, after we patent and sell our money-making machine.

Novel Search

When a human approaches a problem – at least, classically and logically –  they’ll identify what the problem’s outline is, and then devise ways to achieve a net net result of conquering the problem.

For a problem like ‘how do I get some milk’ the answer might obviously be ‘walk to the fridge, extract milk carton, open, drink, replace, close fridge, walk back to couch.’

How did we find that answer?We ranked in our heads the different options for getting milk. Because we had milk in the fridge, we outlawed the answers like ‘go to grocery store, buy milk’ that involved us going out of the house.We then applied other filters and assumptions, like ‘the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.’This methodology – the classic, logical human method – is the exact opposite of Novel Search in Artificial Intelligence.In Novel Search, the computer will construct all the possible solutions to a problem and then try them from the least likely to succeed and progress to more and more likely.

This obviously takes more time – but for a mathematical and systematic problem, a computer excludes the losing solutions in a fraction of a millisecond. 

What we’re left with are the solutions that would seem unreasonable – or rather, unfathomable – to the average human, or even a supergenius. The computer has now rewarded it’s algorithm for finding extremely unlikely solutions for issues.

When does this come in handy? 

Take our money-printing machine problem, for instance.If you can acquire an edge over a given market – in crypto, equities, futures, or options, or whatever – and assert your dominance over that derived edge while maintaining that no other human or machine can recreate your edge, you all of a sudden, have a very, very powerful and intricate tool. You have an evergreen edge.

Evolutionary Algorithm & Competing Artificial Intelligence Genomes

How do we make our edge even better? Instead of a purely AI solution, Coindex’s proprietary solution employs another layer of optimization that most wouldn’t consider.In an Evolutionary Algorithm, we feed the input variables into competing species of the AI bot that take a different spin – learn a different way, apply a different Novel Search – and the outputs are rated on key performance indicators that sort the genomes into winners and losers.

The winners then procreate, and apply a healthy dose of mutation to the genes – combining the best solutions into baby solutions, who compete in that new generation to see if they can beat the older generation. 

Mutations aren’t just for fun, or even just for profit: they’re for the good of the species! Think: if humans never developed opposing thumbs, where would we be? Forward-facing eyes?When we take a brand-new look at the input variables and come up with fantastic, random new ways to approach them, we can find unexpected results – that are then selected by a process of natural selection. 

Believe in Darwinism or not, the results are outstanding.

What we then get is a set of learned data competing against itself – and against other species, to boot – to create and focus on better results. We can then apply the generations down the line to the problem set in forward-facing tests, to see how they perform with real conditions and real dollars.The simulations continue in the background, and the species as well as the training data become Coindex’s Intellectual Property, whereas most of the other stuff is open-source and available to a careful Google search.

Money-Making Machine

So what do we do with these kinds of doubly-effective algorithms, tied in and dependant on each other?Rather than find milk to consume – let’s find money to make.This is where I come in with Coindex – I’ve been finding and recreating Free and Open Source Software existing on GitHub or elsewhere as crypto trading bots, then creating APIs for the input and output data that make them tick and seeing if we can get the AI to train sets and species against the data, to simulate more or less profits (more or less max daily drawdown, more or less notionary volume, etc…) and we can build our army of bots.This army performs under bearish, bullish conditions and even sideways markets – and there are neural evolutionary AIs that exist to manage the bot-specific ones, exchange-specific ones, countering counterparty risk by hedging among variables.What’s worse than a market that jumps or crashes? One that does so when you hold a position in the opposite way, of course! If you’re aiming to capitalize on the market staying around the same price, absorbing market making fee rebates, then wouldn’t you want to hedge in real-time using a long straddle in options for your underlying asset?If the market jumps too much in either direction, your puts or calls suddenly become a very worthwhile investment… that’s your tip for the day 🙂

Future Use-Cases: Conquering Every World Health Organization and United Nations Initiatives

Let’s say you have a given world need that can be addressed with smarter data that has an industry-leading edge.Namely… all of them come to mind.

We can apply our patented solution to any given need that could save the planet from hunger, sex trade, or supply chain logistics.

These are the greater humanitarian and organizational goals.

Next Steps

!! Click here to subscribe: http://eepurl.com/gIykNLBe notified about new articles? Welcome to the Jarett Dunn email subscriber list! Each new signup will receive a link to download the Coindex Labs non-NDA teaser, which includes information about the value proposition for my organization – where we’re setting our sights first on a money-printing machine, then returning later as conquering heroes in order to then defeat the world’s greater humanitarian issues.Remember to CLICK, subscribe: http://eepurl.com/gIykNL !!(DisclaimerThe Author is the Chief Liquidity Officer at Coindex)

GitHub Sponsors Program Delivers on Promises, Allies With Stripe

Just got a heart-warming email from GitHub about their Sponsors program!My fellow Hackers, have you all applied your most prolific GitHub accounts to join the program? Word to wise: they’re doubling everyone’s sponsorship dollar values up to a whopping $5000 USD each and every month for the first calendar year you’re using their services! That’s potentially $10,000 income on $5000!

Stripe ConnectRead all about it in our blog post →

Here’s my response to their team:That’s great news GitHub,

I have a Telegram group https://t.me/ManyVolumeSignalMonster and do some lazy marketing on HackerNoon https://hackernoon.com/@jare for my selection of crytpo bots and other open-source contributions under my GitHub https://github.com/dunncreativess. These people in the past have shown enthusiasm and financial support for my efforts, and have been a tremendous fountain of community and support throughout my recent memory.

It’ll be great to turn these fans into subscription income that The Man can audit (and lend against…) which will enable my continued growth towards being free from labor.

I’m already on Stripe with the email jarettrsdunn@gmail.com, having put a good volume of revenues through them via credit card gateway in 2014-2015, and can’t seem to figure out how to use it to sign up for future GitHub payments – the popup for Connect asks me if I’d like to builld a marketplace or extension 🙂
Be well,
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Turning Income Into Collateralized Crypto Loans – Hodl!

Tomorrow, I’m getting $1313 CAD refund as a present from Newegg for their defunctional laptop they’d sent me. I’m going to etransfer it to canadianbitcoins.com in exchange for ETH at around 5% loss on the dollar.

I’m going to send it to a wallet that I connect to compound.finance and then borrow what I need back in DAI or USDC – about $134 CAD for cigarettes and $325 CAD to pay back a laptop debt.

I’ll be exposed to 11-15.5% APR from borrowing stablecoins, but since I’m long ETH I believe it will grow more than that in a given year – year over year – allowing me to borrow more, should I wish. Also, since my loan will be over-collateralized – as I’m not borrowing the full 75% I’m allotted when borrowing ETH – ETHUSD can go down a significant amount before I’m risking liquidation, which I can fix by collaterlizing more crypto in the future.Their collateralization factor for wrapped BTC at present, however, is 0% – but in a near update to the protocol this will reflect WBTC liquidity, and be some value between 0 and 75% – which I plan on capitalizing on by holding WBTC and then borrowing against it.

Voila! I’m now long BTC and long ETH.As I’m in the process of negotiating my first multi-client exchange volume faking bot subscriptions, which will not only produce enough income for me to comfortably be labor-free but also make a fortune out of my favorite passtime and hobby, it’s critical to find a way to both hodl crypto for the long haul while still paying for the necessities of life. Given that I can borrow up to 75% of my hodlings at a given point in time, I can now accumulate crypto wealth – even being able to borrow again should incomes drop against it so long as BTC/ETH grow more than the %APR it costs to borrow – and I won’t be left in situations like in the past.When I was first switching my $USD payroll to bitwage.com in 2013/2014/2015 I was earning 3-5 Bitcoin – @$200, $300, $500 apiece – each and every week for consecutive months. Opportunity cost of spending all that at current values – even while truly believing in BTC’s value proposition, just having expensive habits like rent and tobacco in Canada – pales in comparison to having 850 Ether I cloud-mined and sold @ $5, $6 apiece maybe 9-11 months before ETH’s ATH.People have been known to lose their minds or lives over far, far less.What the remaining people can do is learn from this experience – be long crypto or at least long BTC and ETH while still being able to spend most of your income on the necessities of life.Long live #DeFi!Ps I wonder if the folks at Compound saw this:

Combination of Borrowing Facilities via Smart Contract on
Compound.Finance and Pooling of Funds for Traders on Uniswap.exchange

Final Bot Pre-Launch & Initial HN 2.0 Post!

Hi folks!Look at this alpha!In most of my recent https://hackernoon.com/@jarettrsdunn posts which are apparently a 404 but live here: https://medium.com/@jarettrsdunn, I’ve been discussing different iterations of my different bots, which are available for public consumption.What’s new is that the new strategy on Livenet appears to be live and well.. so I’m going to drop the ReadMe here and see if HackerNoon will allow me to distribute this information here on the platform again 🙂



join our growing community! https://t.me/ManyVolumeSignalMonster

Trello Board!

https://trello.com/b/vQ0WFMIH/many-volume-signal-monsterYou can sign up to Trello (free, can be anonymous) to vote on features 🙂

What is it?

https://aggr.tradehttps://github.com/Tucsky/SignificantTrades reimagined to use buy/sell signals in automated trades!Supporting BitMEX for now on livenet+testnet, with more exchanges tbd…This repo exists to provide a ‘sponsor’ link (should I get approved for the beta…) while the livenet and testnet code are now both private.

Word to the wise

10% Tier-1, 5% Tier-2 affiliate commissions on contributions or subscriptions – as a fraction of total weighted value, which means recurring revenues 🙂 🙂 Here’s what I mean: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qUSILqCyizkqF-p5k_6ovuSWNsmtfofD77u4tSTq_Ds/edit?usp=sharing – notice Free Lunch Lady? She didn’t contribute a dime but she’s earned a steady stream of income through affiliate marketing 😀

Want to earn MoAr???!?

It’s like an open-ended bounty campaign…Can you do a service?Can you add value?Social media, blogs, email marketing, PPC, or any kind of qualified traffic from marketing will do the trick!Anyone who contributes any amount of work more than just referring friends & family will earn a % additional 1-Tier and 2-Tier commissions scaling according to cost-effort, potentially more from crowdsourced bot!

Share the riches!

CONTRIBUTION FUND: 3BMEXZF3i5oPeeasscPQKFjdi1EbV8YUPCSend me TX, I’ll keep track of who has how much %I’ll take 30% of realized profits weekly, the other 70% goes back to contributors weeklyIf you refer someone else and they supply your TG handle to me or admins, you’ll get 10% of their contribution added to your weight – and 5% Tier-2sample weights: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qUSILqCyizkqF-p5k_6ovuSWNsmtfofD77u4tSTq_Ds/edit?usp=sharingit’d be fun to put this into a tradeable token so people can buy/sell stake?

Does it perform?

For anyone who’s interested in such things, my crypto trading bot has seen some huge improvements suggested by our small community.. as of just over 1/2 of a day ago when I added configurable % take profit and configurable % stop loss, after my friend with his $30 on livenet got liquidated and he suggested more failsafes… also waiting for 3 10-second (by default) bars to confirm a signal to buy/sell… learning curves :)Testnet #1 balance since 1/4 of a day ago is:gains (margin): 184 %gains (wallet): 213 %Testnet #2 balance since 1/2 of a day ago is:gains (margin): 12.9 %gains (wallet): 32.9 %Note that the second testnet account is using the UI configurable default ‘order multiplier’ of 1, while my testnet is using 3x that, amplifying gains :)I’ve added whitelisting of API keys or account #s so it’s now ready to sell 🙂

Not a fan of BitMEX?

More exchanges to come, tbd! I’m available for bribes to fork into your favorite exchanges 🙂

Get me into Github Sponsors Beta

Your reward? % saved on subscriptions, % bonus to crowdfund contributions AND double referral income!fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdE8nL7U-d7CBTWp9X7XOoezQD06wCzCAS9VpoUW6lJ03KU7w/viewformyou don’t need to provide a github profile or email for ‘Which developers would you like to sponsor through GitHub Sponsors?’set github.com/dunncreativess for ‘anything else we should know’ let them know about my efforts as dev for these bots? Tireless, sleepless nights to optimize and include feedback? :)Also recommend me to participate in the limited beta. Send an email to opensource@github.com with a link to https://github.com/dunncreativess and my contact information: Telegram @RegTheIII Medium @jarettrsdunn email jarettrsdunn+git@gmail.comThey’re doubling people’s sponsorships for the first year, up to $5k…anyone that wants to pay for the bot using GitHub (paypal or credit card) will get a 25% discount on subs, 25% bonus to their contribution’s weight AND double referral % weight!Check it outI’m nearly-not-quite-able to be sponsored on GitHub! https://imgur.com/a/nLs3XBu

If you prefer running with your own $BTC on livenet

There’s a 0.005 BTC upfront + 0.005 BTC monthly charge, and 5% of your realized gains (monthly)…Testnet access is free 🙂 just ask for your apikey or account # to be included in the validity spreadsheet.Code for live / test is available on request for auditsprovide me with your API key for livenet/testnet, I’ll add it to the valid keys spreadsheet (bots running without a valid key won’t make any POST requests…like place orders)if livenet, get an ADDITIONAL 10% discount on fees: https://www.bitmex.com/register/30KY2F – stop loss + take profit orders will earn me affiliate income…run chromium-browser –disable-web-security –user-data-dir=/ or google-chrome –disable-web-security –user-data-dir=/ – Windows and Mac directions: https://www.codevoila.com/post/75/how-to-disable-same-origin-policy-in-chromehttp:// testnethttp:// livenet’couldn’t load history’ is a-okin settings, set trailstop+stoploss+takeprofit %sin settings, set keys (be sure to tab / click off so they save)in settings on one tab, set BTCUSDin other, ETHUSDany of the U19 pairs will also work, I need to remind myself to grab the current futures contract in a future release…For both, click ON all the extra exchanges – and OFF BitMEX (it doesn’t like too many websocket requests, it’ll ‘429 too many requests’ you if you reload the page too too much then ‘403 forbidden’ ban you for an hour or two…)wait 14 10s intervals for volume SMAscheck dev tools console for errors (change log level, turn off info/debug)after SMAs cross, it’ll enter a buy/sell – and if the orders fill then trailstop+takeprofit+stoplosscheck performance of all bots here: can lessen short-term sensitivity two ways: 1. increase timeframe (from 10s) 2. increase SMA length (from 14)

@crypto_tra gets free lifetime subscription

First for pointing out strategy, then I forgot and gave him another free lifetime sub for being the first person other than me to test on livenet 🙂 so he naturally gets additional referral commissions

Bot does a bunch of smart things:

if – pos, it doubles buysif + pos, it doubles sellsOriginal buy/sells are POST-ONLY limits, takeprofit and stoploss are MARKET but you can configure their respective %sup/down to match price tickSizeprice is a function of avail margin, which is then multiplied by configurable ‘ordermult’except when avail margin < 17.5% (will later be a configurable variable), then it stops buying in current pos directionit’ll miss out some of the orders, ensuring it stays pos/neg on longer swings – fun fact there’s an unused ‘testingtesting123’ variable that could be made into a configurable one that enters the original limit orders at the opposite of bid/ask for buy/sell, which fills orders much much quicker at the expense of fees…

join our growing community! https://t.me/ManyVolumeSignalMonster

Market Making, Moving Crypto — Free and Open Source Binance Bot

# binanceMarketMaker

https://github.com/DunnCreativeSS/privateMarketMakerRepo ** ask for access **

Buy Low Sell High!

This bot automates making markets on Binance.

Where other market making bots fail (ie. BitMex, Deribit, other attempts I’ve made in the past) is by counting on the market to not be volatile. Where this bot wins is by finding markets where we can soak up profits in the volatility by taking those profits from the spread itself, where on BitMex and Deribit these spreads ar 0.25$ of a BTC, some smaller markets on Binance have 1%.. 2%… 5% spreads, and greater-than-average volumes.

You’ll want to have about $20 per market pair it’s looking to trade, in the base asset (BTC, BNB, ETH, etc…). It will look to trade more markets if the targetSpread, targetVolDiv, targetVolMult are higher. The more total funds in a particular base asset there are, the higher value the orders will have.

If for whatever reason a market pair leaves the universe scope of considered pairs, it will continue selling that asset with the same sell logic (on the quoteAsset+BNB market, or BTC then ETH if BNB isn’t available), while pausing buying it.

I don’t have enough personal funds available to run the bot, but I can get a good amount of income if I share it and people use my ref link. targetOrderSizeMult exists so that people can compete using the same bot on the same markets without it just outbidding the other bot constantly, as you can set a % of your order size to ignore when there’s a bid or ask better than yours. When the volume that beats your price is higher than the —

order size * this multiplier,

it’ll re-enter the market.

‘At the current time Binance rate limits are: 1200 requests per minute. 10 orders per second. 100,000 orders per 24hrs.’

There are no limits for unfilled orders, and at most it’ll make about 6×20 or so pairs x 2 orders, 1 cancel and 1 re-post a minute, along with checking balance and getting order books so a total of about ~500 a minute — not close to 1200 🙂

On that note I’ve only been trading one pair, averaging 42 orders an hour or ~1000 per day, again by about 20 pairs would be 20 000 orders per day — a bit shy of 100k.

To use:

1. (please do) sign up for Binance using my ref link: https://www.binance.com/?ref=27039658

2. Place your Binance API key and secret in binance.js

3. Optionally change the targetSpread, targetVolDiv, targetVolMult, targetOrderSizeMult

4. Install NPM and Node

5. Clone this repo, cd into directory

6. Run npm i binance-api-node

7. Run node binance.js

API Rate Limiting?

The first FUD someone might say is that this will lock your API for too many unfilled orders or too many interactions.

‘At the current time Binance rate limits are: 1200 requests per minute. 10 orders per second. 100,000 orders per 24hrs.’

There are no limits for unfilled orders, and at most it’ll make about 6x 20 or so pairs x 2 orders, 1 cancel and 1 re-post a minute, along with checking balance and getting order books so a total of about ~500 a minute — not close to 1200 🙂

On that note I’ve only been trading three or so pairs at a time, averaging 42 orders an hour or ~1000 per day, again by about 20 pairs would be 20 000 orders per day — a bit shy of 100k.


I was originally trading GNTBNB almost exclusively for testing, the first trade is screenshotted. I’ve since opened it up to trade anything it noticed it could trade, made the required spread lower, and let it run overnight. It’s lost a bit of value but it’s also held eth for awhile while not doing anything with it (due to the required spread % not being enough), but over 45 orders (excluding cancelled) with 0.00568192 balance (or so) I have 0.03090300 in volume — meaning that while it lost ~3% BTC and ~4% USD it traded the original 0.00568192 back and forth for 22–23 round trips @ 0.2% fees, beating the 4.5% fees it endured… with more careful settings it should perform better or at least act on less orders and capitalize higher spreads.

If you’re looking to start building your volume on Binance, the easiest way would be to put this bot to work and choose some safer settings to automate the spreads of a few pairs — after trading a few hours with 0.00568192 balance (or so) I have 0.03090300 in volume. While this strategy might not automate profits (at least out of the box), it does trade a whole heck of a lot. If you check Binance’s fee schedule, you’ll see that as you graduate levels of volume and hold BNB then you’ll be treated to lesser and lesser maker/taker fees, which might prove healthy should you have other strategies (especially high-frequency-trading) that would benefit from lesser fees — although the BNB requirements might be high, given the current value of a BNB has exploded. Again, should you use my invite code 27039658 or invite link I’ll get a tiny slice of the rewards, too!

Join Telegram for interactive support and a community!

Jarett Dunn, [21.03.19 15:35]
ok going to start a new set of conditions for a strategy using the bot, mark @ benchmark 2 Estimated Value: 0.00569181 BTC / $22.57

Jarett Dunn, [21.03.19 15:35]
note it held Eth during a major Eth crash

Jarett Dunn, [21.03.19 15:35]

Market Maker BotYou can view and join @themarketmakerbot right away.t.me

Note: I’m available to re-write the bot for other exchanges, to build your volumes elsewhere.

i-1000th idea to make money online via python-chained sqlmaps!

My i-1000th idea to make money online came to me one morning when playing around with Kali tools and gaining access to stuff I shouldn’t have access to. There was a little bit of a moral dilemma that came to play when I thought to myself about the opportunity to see if someone’s password was re-used on other sites when I found 10s 1000s of them in plain text, or create a mailing list to sell like merchandise from lists of 10s 1000s emails on different sites online… but I thought I’d take the whitehat approach and see if I could make people aware of some of their security holes in exchange for the opportunity to sell them security solutions.

#1) Create a pentesting automated script that identifies open databases or other security holes

There’s myriad tools that come to mind to make this process easier, but I found some manipulation of sqlmap and scraping bing results in Python using Scrapy that allowed me to index exposed databases heuristically. I’d target .ca domain names with certain trailing patterns in the Bing results (alas, Google was too tough to scrape and Bing was far easier) using inurl parameters in search.

#2) Penetrate them lightly in a non-offensive manner

I’d save the databases that were penetrated into local files and the resulting logs that had filesize >0 bytes I knew had database names and entry points to find additional info, if I was so inclined.

#3) Scrape contact details for site’s proprietors

Next, I created a like Scrapy script that looked for links on the landing page to other pages on the same domain and scraped email addresses and phone numbers from all associated pages (via RegEx).

#4) Mass mail

MailChimp to the rescue? I’d send them something like ‘your database names are ___ ___ ___ but we didn’t go any further. Anyone else anywhere on the internet with the same freely available tools would have access to all your saved information, like personally identifiable information of your site’s visitors.’

#5) Package outsourced proactive IT security solutions

Create a landing page, sell packages of dedicated time from IT pros (who would have eventually been located overseas at a bargain) and it’s go-time.

#6) Repeat

Then, after go-time, is time to repeat the process.

What kept me from capitalizing on the internet in such a manner? I’d sent an email to my lawyer and said ‘exactly how exposed would I be to legal action that would damage me with the above plan’ and she wrote back ‘let’s sit down and discuss, but first we’d have to work out our retainer fee’ and at this point in time I was broke as sin — looking for ways to capitalize on Bing Dorks — so I didn’t move forward.

Like what you’ve read? Give me a follow and make sure to watch Hackernoon progress as it moves away from Medium into a new and improved platform for stories exactly like (and far better than) this one!

Opensource Reddit Sentiment Analysis and Sentence Randomizer

  1. Connect to gsheets for later: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rX4mniePZLIUCIFd7H2EdMioR_ip3LhtAjxJ2VclvXg/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Connect to Reddit
  3. Load top 1000 /r/bitcoin hot posts
  4. Take the raw text, split it into an array on newline chars, filter out empty strings
  5. Create an array of judged sentiments from the Natural Language Toolkkit’s Vader function for each string in array from step 4
  6. For each of the sentiments from step 5, grab the compound (overall) sentiment rating (which is based on values attributed to keywords and etc., wort a search on your favorite engine) and check if it’s above or below a threshold value, then make them lowercase and replace ‘bitcoin’ with ‘our coin’ and ‘btc’ with ‘our ticker’ and ensure the string doesn’t start with a shady substring then append the results to our positives && negatives arrays
  7. Loop 10 times
  8. For a range of maximum 6 strings, for first positive strings then negative strings take a random choice (so long as it’s not already taken) and add it to a series of final sets of superpowerful strings
  9. Print a bunch of useful information to terminal in the process of steps 7–8
  10. Finally add a row to Positives and Negatives gsheet for each of the 10 superstrings

In an ideal world, people would use a variation of this script to load and replace keyword strings from many crypto-based subreddits, then push the final superstrings through a (good) word spinner, then post the resulting strings to create FOMO or FUD for a given perp.

STO Marketing Strategy

Security Token Offerings are the key to the future (and now), offering up real value in exchange for raising funds without the need for an IPO. The landscape is different, global and community-focused, crowd-sourced, open-source themes abound and the ‘true spirit of crypto’ will be mentioned more frequently than one might think.

What marketing aspects are key for an STO? How does one perform better than those that fail to raise funds?

Winning Project

The key to successfully raising funds from the global arena of potential contributors is to have a platform, project or ‘piece of the pie’ that jives with people’s needs, wants, and their ultimate goals.

Those STOs that can create a working demo or a Proof of Concept somewhere between pre-STO early adopters, strategic contributors and the STO regular crowdsale are in a prime position to both impress and satisfy the unquenchable desire for milestones that your potential backers want to see. Sharpe Capital did an awesome job of this during their sales stages, proving a working version before the public crowdsale.

Winning Team ( +Advisors)

While analyzing your offering, potential social influencers as well as the savvy contributor will ‘Do Your Own Research,’ and this includes checking out the team and seeing what previous successes they’ve had together. They’ll look at prior collaboration as a winning factor, and they’ll assess your decisions for advisors much the same. Do they add value? Do they bring expertise or a following and reach to your organization and project? Ian Balina advised Pareto.Network for a hefty tokenshare, for instance, and exposed their project to his massive crypto following!

Marketing Collateral: White Paper, Website, ____ Platform

Presentation is key. A well-thought, well-translated, well-presented website is the first trick to winning friends and influencing people — after that, most potential supporters will thoroughly research and review your white paper to see if you have a handle of the competitive landscape, the potential challenges, and the use of proceeds. There are studies and reputable reports abound about how properly spelled, beautifully developed sites and marketing collateral improve chances of success. A top STO and ICO marketing agency will help you with any and all marketing collateral needs you have throughout your crowdsale.

Social Media Engagement

The majority of people (and STO review sites) will review your social media to see if you’re well-followed, and have engagement from those followers. It’s not expensive to get 10k ‘real Twitter followers’ but the real measure of success is whether or not the growth was organic, and the people who follow you are engaged with your content and message — spreading the word to their followers, organically.

If someone replies to your paid or organic (and regular, frequent!) social media content, it’s important to give them a thoughtful reply that not only answers their questions and concerns but also addresses the untold number of ‘lurkers’ that are behind the scenes or will review the interaction later. Failing to do so can be catastrophic, ‘Wait, additional 113 start-ups just stopped updating their current situation on the social media…’

Engage Early Contributors & Supporters — Bounties!

Bounty campaigns are one of the oldest tricks in the book: provide a tokenshare for people to do their own promotion on social / blogging platforms, generate traffic, generate referrals and signups, and potentially find additional people to contribute. This is key to the successful STO marketing strategy as it encourages the everyman to find additional success with your project, earn by referring their friends or followers, and promote your content and platform for less investment and more ROI for you and your team.

Be careful of compliance! Some countries don’t smile on giving a financial reward for engaging potential contributors and having them advertise with their own funds or to their own non-B2B followers.

Reputable sites will recommend you find prolific and engaged bounty managers on btctalk and elsewhere, read to the end for our recommendation on this thought!

Telegram / Discord Community Management

Since Slack failed the ICO world and countless people fell victim to the same ol’ Slack scam of a personal message from a malicious user creating an official-looking email with different instructions on how to lose all your money, Telegram and Discord have stepped up their game to provide support for the crowdfunding community. You’ll find there are still scammers, but a few reports on their account and you won’t see them again — and Telegram, for instance, makes it incredibly difficult to create more than one or two accounts on a given machine in a certain amount of time, even with tricks like VPNs or proxies.

A good marketing or engagement firm will provide you WoW, MoM organic growth reports on your community channels, and people will flock to your Telegram or Discord to both FOMO and FUD your project — so having engaged, 24/7 resources to handle all these sorts of people as well as your genuine supporters and contributors is essential. The costs don’t necessarily have to be as high as hiring your own internal 24/7 support & engagement team, mind you! ICO telegram management (especially the kind you can get at a bargain as part of a package deal) is an incredibly important aspect of your strategy.

Public Relations

Strategic contributors, Crypto news organizations, and regular ol’ press and media all share one characteristic: they need to be hand-held, and catered to, in order to yield the best results. Forbes.com reports PR as an essential part of a successful STO/ICO. With a good PR representative, department, outsourced organization, or organizational unit, you’ll be armed with the resources to engage these sorts of SMB or large organizations on a level that yields better results than trying to juggle it along with your 18 000 other executive duties. Delegate and automate where you’re able to, and you’ll end up working smarter not harder!

Working with Crypto Influencers

It’s important to remember that certain Crypto influencers are worth more than your run-of-the-mill influencer, so it’s important to ‘Do Your Own Research’ when deciding who to financially reward for their influence. Some people exist by arbitraging fake engagement and fake followers in exchange for Eth to market a project — make sure to look way, way back in their social history to see if you notice a definitive ‘turning point’ where engagement or followers were bought.

There are some names you can trust off-the-bat (as will your potential contributors) but they are also far more costly. Sometimes, you’ll find that your project agrees with them on some personal or professional level, and they might be willing to FOMO or even advise your project.

Again, I’ll mention Ian Balina, who charges through the roof for his crypto knowledge — his name is as well-known in crypto as PewDiePie is in gaming. Ian is just one example, Ivan on Tech and countless others have instantly-trustable brands.

Regulatory Compliance

It’s very, very important that you comply with local and international laws and policies. If, for some reason, there’s any doubt on this front, it could be fatally damaging. Fear of not complying has crushed projects in the past.

These folks raised 5000 Eth in pre-ICO before having to shut down and refund everyone, as far as I can tell there hasn’t been a like crowdfund for a like idea. It is conceivable that a non-US entity that doesn’t allow participation from US, SG, etc., would be able to successfully raise a ton of money with the idea that the tokens could be used on a platform to profit share from a shared Masternode service (with benefits for token holders or a requirement to pay for shares in tokens — thus making them utility). Creative minds and/or corporate structures win here!

Lastly, a Plug!

We, at Crowdcreate, are experienced and familiar with ICO and STO strategy and marketing, including end-to-end bounty campaign management. We’ve gained the insights and have the working experience — along with metrics and data to support our strengths. Our accomplishments include expanding a client’s Telegram channels 1,000% in just 3 months, and we’ve supported dozens of organizations raise tens of millions of dollars.