GROUNDBREAKING New & Novel AI Tech: NOW Profit Without Risk With Faster and Smarter Futures Trading!

In our most recent edition of the playlist ‘Coindex, Hacks, Code, Programming, Development, Trading’ on my newest and greatest YouTube channel aptly named ‘Jare Dunn’, you’ve seen a humorous sketch outlining the various products I have for free or a small subscription, mostly hosted as Free and Open Source Software on GitHub.

Welcome to My Very First YouTube Ad!

While I’m not a pro at advertising or marketing, I am a pro at creating open-source, free code that helps people everywhere make money!

On YouTube?

  • YouTube playlist tutorial teaching you how to code your own bot to trade on Interactive Brokers, one of the world’s largest API-enabled traditional stocks equities & derivatives trading platforms
  • Another playlist on how to automatically perform retail arbitrage, buying low on Amazon or eBay and selling high on the other
  • Countless others!

On GitHub?!

  • QuantConnect bots to algorithmically trade news or social sentiment in stocks and options
  • Sports betting bots to exploit the disagreements among bookies and automatically perform surebets – winning some $ no matter the outcome of the match
  • (I said I wasn’t a pro, but…) ad network arbitrage scripts to automatically buy web visitors low on and sell them high on, maintaining a guaranteed return of 300% on every click or dollar spent
  • countless others!

But, Today…

I’m going to introduce you to a brand new trending set of technologies that revolutionize the way derivatives are traded, giving us the ultimate opportunity to make surebet, pure arbitrage profits with as much volume as we can throw at it.

What’s more is that I’ll introduce you to my dayjob – capitalizing on a newer, more accurate and truly a ‘black-box’ or not reproducible type of artificial intelligence that can predict how the markets will move (more often than not)!

How Do I Find Out What This New & Novel Tech Is?

Send me email to my personal address, and I’ll respond to everyone personally and make sure to treat you as a person, not a number – there’s no automating the good old human touch!

Futures trading in traditional markets

  • trade at leverage, exploding yields
  • min 10k to play
  • limited ways to get sure bet income
  • – cash n carry futures arbitrage based on futures premiums
  • – – say lean pigs are trading at $7000 on spot market, and $7050 on a futures market expiring 3 months from now, we could long on the spot market and short the futures market. By the time 3 months rolls around, regardless of what happened to the price of lean pigs, we would have earned that ((7050/7000)-1)*100=0.714% profit, which would be (7.14/3)*12=34.272% annualized, or Annual Percentage Yield (APY). At 10x leverage, that would be 5x that amount (as half your leverage is in the underlying and half in futures) or 171.36%! That’s nearly doubling your money every year!

New & novel markets 

  • still trade at leverage
  • trade with as little as $1
  • created all-new futures contract with no expiry
  • – instead of futures premiums, charge and rebate a fee to and from users 3 times a day to bring price in line with underlying
  • given as many as 3-4 contracts for the same underlying, we can perfectly hedge
  • – allows sure bet pure arbitrage from buying a contract low and selling the other high and then waiting for their prices to eventually approach each other until they become equal, locking in profits slowly and guaranteed over time
  • – alternately, depending which opportunity is greater, we can exploit the market conditions that allow us to collect those fees every 8 hours while remaining perfectly hedged
  • – – in either case, having equal positions short and long means that price movement of the underlying doesn’t affect our returns – only the arbitrage or fee opportunities we’ve measured, compared and optimized for best yields will give us riskless profits

Automated algorithmic robot trading

  • trade 100s of times a second 
  • trade while you sleep or vacation
  • trade without emotion
  • always follow strict relative risk rules
  • react to changing market conditions in the blink of an eye

New & novel tech

  • use Artificial Intelligence to trade smarter
  • novel search allows thinking from the least possible solution inwards, which is exactly opposite to how humans think
  • evolutionary algos evolve based on success and sometimes random mutation
  • and populations compete with the existing champion algorithm, while losers become extinct
  • is one of the most resilient combinations of AI technology against overfitting

Other perks

  • anyone owning a factory that makes fidgets, widgets or whackadoodles has to tie up all their money and count on the revenues, maybe not getting their money back easily. It’s called illiquid capital
  • here, your funds are in your account and you can cash out the profit or any amount of the capital at any time. These are liquid funds. 
  • we have access to your account through API keys that you can restrict or revoke at any time
  • think of all these APRs I mentioned in terms of property rental yields, or the profit after collecting rent and paying expenses and repairs and taxes and etc, which are said to be good at ‘over 7%’ – remember your capital here is illiquid
  • or the average equity fund investor return in America, quoted at the beginning of 2015 at 10.19% over the last 5 years and 3.79% over the last 30 years

To Summarize

In our spot-check of these free scripts I have on my GitHub, at the time of recording this video we found:

  • With futures cash n carry arbitrage on one exchange we saw opportunities as high as 251% APY!
  • With the newly created contracts in our new & novel tech, we can earn as much as 1486% APY on one exchange – two others were just above and just below 300%!
  • Our patent-pending AI had a recent run Aug 24 to Sept 3 that earned a whopping 36% – over 8 days! – or 36/8*365=1642.5% APY!


We cannot and will not imply or assure that we can predict the future. This does not constitute financial advice. Trading at leverage is extremely risky and you might lose all your funds. Only risk what you can afford to lose.

How do I get started?

Send me an email to:

I’ll try my best to respond to all inquiries within 2 business days.

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You can peruse my GitHub at your leisure and find some gems, and other repositories that are more sorely in need of love and attention: