Trade Smarter, Trade Together! Crypto Growth Hacker Crowdfunded Bot Tokens to Mint

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I’m offering my market maker bot one of two possible ways: 1. I provide you the source code and you can configure your apikey and secret and review the code to make sure nothing malicious happens, on a profit-share scheme where you provide 40% of the earnings after every month – as confirmed by API.

2. I’m creating a dividend token for sale to the general public (including Americans) that I then pay monthly 70% of the profit (10% for me, 15% reinvested for compounding effect, 5% BNB holdings). The dividend trading fund would span multiple bots, with an initial spread of 25% Neomenia BTC 25% Neomenia ETH 25% Deribit arb + options BTC 25% Eth. The dividend token script I’m using doesn’t have voting, but we’ll vote on bot % holdings and bot strategies using an off-chain voting system enabled by etherscan reports on holding %, anything more than 5% gets a vote.

The benefits of option 1 is that you get to run one of my bots with a profit-share model, the benefits of option 2 are: a. if you’re an american citizen you can now kindof take part in leveraged futures trading, by way of the token. b. as our BNB accumulates, we pay less fees c. as our BNB accumulates, we get more % from our referrals d. the combined notional traded on Binance will allow us to further climb their fee ladder. You can also refer people to the crowdfunded bot, for every 100 tokens at $1 worth of Eth apiece minted you get 10 tokens. For every 100 tokens that a referral of your referral mints you get 5 tokens.

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  2. Fill out this form.
  3. Send your Eth here: 0x9c33b574c8D013Ba501a897484E3b92a27A3FDB8
  4. Fill the TXID in this form.
  5. Tokens will be minted as often as possible, with the least often being once a month before dividends are paid.

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