A Week of Neomenia LIVE Trading Binance Futures

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Neomenia is currently running on 8 subscriber’s accounts, creating predictable yield in sideways or bullish or bearish markets!

The strategy itself is protected under NDA, but as much as I can say it finds price indication in one place confirms it in another then also confirms with directional indication. The result is magic!

I’ve created a web interface to launch bots on our own Google Cloud Compute account, taking the hassle and potential issues with configuring your own VPS with bot options straight off your shoulders.. and as it costs us a pretty penny a month, and saves you renting your own VPS, it’s basically a free VPS giveaway! Woot!

I’m writing an update predominantly to create FOMO, but the community results speak for themselves…

The price of the bot will increase from $49 or $59 (depending if you use our Binance Futures referral code) up to minimum $99 in the new year. The time to come onboard is now! Have no fear, our team and community moderators have your back through thick and thin.

So – come on in, grab it while it’s cheap!

There are other monetization methods for people who otherwise have no access to futures, join https://t.me/ManyVolumeSignalMonster and check out the pin!

Interested in Neomenia? Join here! https://t.me/joinchat/G3tz4RdZGmNdxs9vXdum7A

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