Benefits of Neomenia and Crypto Growth Hacker – Compound Your Crypto!

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With results among users ranging from 3-4%, and a total net returns for some users at 16-22+% over a few days, it looks as though Neomenia is here to make an improvement in people’s lives.

Trading on three exchanges simultaneously and hedging risk by altering strategies based on conditions on a given exchange, it looks like Crypto Growth Hacker is the one-stop-shop for crypto investment diversification.

Neomenia now supports trailing takeprofit, meaning the upwards potential of a good buy or sell has increased significantly with your configurable takeprofit. It also has a special feature where the stop size is reduced by the difference in price as a percent when it moves in the right direction, so that you can lock in your profits faster while having a larger stoploss in case sh#t hits the fan.

The win/lose ratio is 5:1… and it backtested 10 000% on TradingView.

It’s a price action observed in one spot confirmed in another confirmed again by a direcitonal indicator, and that’s all I’m allowed saying under NDA.. but if you want to know more, join the Neomenia chat on Telegram!

Crypto Growth Hacker is indexing Bitmex, Deribit and Binance Futures now and using a complex market making strategy on the first two while employing Neomenia on the third. The result is a bot that’s incredibly resilient and doesn’t take very many hits that last too too long – and shows steady gains.

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What’s great about both offerings is the community. We have scores of new users – and scores of people supporting us through thick and thin – and that all starts with posts like these, to raise awareness.

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