Publish0x: Allowing Rewards for Content With Their Own Funds! Re-Distribution of Wealth, Defined!

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Sign up for Publish0x and start rewarding your favorite content – without paying a cent! You also get paid!

As one of my first ads delivered through the Brave browser was for Publish0x, I had originally been quick to dismiss it. On later inspection – when I figured out I could 2.5x my BAT rewards by switching my Brave Rewards from 2 ads/hr to 5 – I found I could earn BAT and DAI for blogging… or reading!… my favorite content on their platform.

This, together with syndication for my blog and juicey backlinks, allowed me to quickly sign up and find that indeed – I was able to tip every few minutes and choose what % of that tip I wanted to keep for myself.

Win-win-win! The money comes from their big ol’ community chest of possible rewards, spanning many coins.

In such a way, I’ve earned BAT, HYDRO and DAI already on the platform – by voting on 4 articles. Genius!

This is the definition of redistribution of wealth. The communist’s dream, in a capitalist application!

Hint: they also sport a fancy Ambassador program – allowing you, too, ‘Earn 5% of every tip generated by your referrals using the tipper at the bottom of each article. This includes both the tip to the author and the amount claimed by your referral.’

Check it out! My buddy signed up and tipped a writer.. and I earned, before I even finished this promotional post! That’s free money begetting free money. I’m sorry, but you NEED to sign up now! It’s basically a DAI/BAT/ et cetera faucet for content you’d enjoy regardless!

Ready to get paid for reading whatever floats your boat? Sign up for Publish0x now!

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