The Insane Earning Potential of the Brave Browser in BAT, and How to Turn it Into a Business

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New to BAT and Brave? Here’s an article I wrote describing the Brave ecosystem’s value proposition – how you can earn money by browsing with a safer, more private browser!

As highlighted in the above article, some users in the US are earning as much as $107 USD / month / browser for their BAT-enabled Brave browser.

This led me to DuckDuckGo some prices for low-tier Chromebooks and Android devices:

Has anyone thought about Brave hardware?

I think a Chromebook series running Brave’s Chromium wouldn’t be too difficult to create – legalities aside, all you need to do is enable dev mode and replace the browser, or boot it into a Linux crouton build with Brave as the default browser in a Linux build… with DDG as default search, to boot… if you figure in Brave Rewards over a year (or 5yr) the price of a given chromebook line becomes almost negligible, or 0.

Wouldn’t businesses die over the opportunity for 0-cost or revenue-generating hardware?

$155.99 CAD Chromebooks galore:

My 3-day BAT earnings: 0.24 USD, 0.314 CAD

1-day average: 0.1046 CAD
365 days/yr: $38.21
Break-even: 4.08 yr

…. that’s infinite money to these people that underwrite machines…

The community had some thoughts about a link between Eich and KaiOS, and even linked to a method for removing Chrome from Chromebooks.

What I think this allows the tech-savvy entrepreneur to do is a few things:

  1. You can buy a line of Chromebooks at a discount price
    For as cheap as $156, and even cheaper in bulk, Chromebooks are the most interesting subject for this idea as all of their activity happens within the browser inside the device. There are no desktop apps.
  2. Set their browser to use Brave Chromium
    This is fairly technical, but someone can replace the browser on Chromebook with Brave-flavored Chromium.
  3. Resell these laptops to any person that uses the internet
    The logic is in the money…
  4. Along with their new, lightweight and cost-effective machine is the Brave Browser
    It’s faster, more private, and more secure!
  5. Which will earn them BAT for viewing ads as Brave Rewards
    Within the first day, the investment will start paying itself off….
  6. And so, over time, their investment in the hardware goes down
    Each month there’s a new Brave Rewards payment that – if you apply it to the cost of acquisition – lowers the barrier to entry for computing!
  7. If the case is true of certain geos earning >$100 per month in BAT, then the ROI for your new machine is <2 months
    If I told you you could have a new computer every 2 months, wouldn’t you be interested? Wouldn’t you become a return customer??
  8. In the case of larger organizations that require many dozens, hundreds of machines, they can get a loan for a working web browsing device (or even larger, heftier Windows-based machines) and after a few months start earning income on top of the cost of the machine
    This is where the big money is. If an organization can acquire net-free pr net-earning hardware in their regular line of business, that would have otherwise been a cost, wouldn’t they be inclined to?
  9. This allows a huge advancement in the way people look at equipment financing
    Net-free or net-revenue generating equipment = $$$.
  10. Which, in turn, helps the adoption of BAT and Brave
    More users, more ads, more creators and publishers!

The real questions are how do we create a version of Brave that allows a small- medium-sized organization limit the use of the Chromium browser, ie. block certain sites – or those other than a whitelist? I’m sure they can achieve this effect on the network level, though! Also, how do we create institutional-level Brave rewards accounts, so that the individual user on the individual browser isn’t able to redeem or move around Brave tokens – rather, they’re sent to one larger chest?