My best email is

My Twitter is – although I rarely use it.

My Telegram group is – you can find me hanging out here usually.

If you’re one of those, you can leave me a voicemail at +1 716 226 8165.

Some very interesting less professional (and steem-ier – hah!) reads live here on my Steemit:

Amazon Kindle.

I’m a self-published Author (Google my name Jarett Dunn, buy my books)! I’m even on Goodreads, with a fantastic rating.

I’m a prolific and accomplished product, project and technical account manager in community, tech and Blockchain. You can read my LinkedIn via the menu.

I’m a hobbyist developer, and my code is untested, uncommented and procedural. I get hired to create automated trading algorithms out of people’s ideas for bots, and I’ve created loads of my own. You can view my GitHub or Sponsor me in the links in the menu!

I’m a mental health consumer & advocate, college dropout turned entrepreneur and I’m building an empire that will never see the sun set – maybe not on cups of tea, but more on internet presence and passive income. Hooah!