As some people are up as much as 10x their money today from clever shorts in the bot – from BTC diving as much as $700 in a matter of minutes – I’m happy to announce the referral program.

I’m earning 10-20% on the taker trades that are executed on Deribit/BitMEX. The BitMEX bot is more of an afterthought and a few things don’t work: 1. about half the indicators aren’t working 2. some orders are still failing, not sure why until I look at it again with some live balance 3. it doesn’t arbitrage futures vs perpetual 4. even if everything worked as we’d wanted, there’s a 2-second delay between orders and edits enforced in the API that keep us from achieving a High Frequency Trader.

As such, the referral program will be for Deribit only. It’s also easier to control and monitor referrals on Deribit because they allow subaccounts for reporting and individual, unique referral links.

Since launching the recent ref program, I’ve earned $47.15 (with today’s deflated value for BTC/ETH) – $37.95 in the last two days & having daily growth in $ of 119%-153%, with about 2-3 active referrals. To date, I’ve had $709.62 in today’s BTCUSD price across 35 refs.

The revenues continue day after day so long as people continue to use the bot — and on each taker order, we earn a fraction of a %. Taker orders exist in the bot 1. to return the skew to net neutral every minute or so (so less exposure, less risk of stoploss, less risk of liquidation) 2. at stoploss/takeprofit when it again returns to net neutral 3. at the 2nd layer of stoploss/takeprofit where it returns each position to exactly 0 and takes a break from trading.

Our community lives here:

The process is that you can chat me here, in PM or on, and we’ll create you a Deribit subaccount and give you your unique referral URLs, you’ll refer people and your referral # will increase in near real-time. Your referred ETH and BTC amounts will increase every morning at 8:05am UTC.

It’s an opportunity for evergreen income and the chance to build people’s portfolios with my proven strategies. You’ll be able to keep 25% of the revenues you drive, so long as they meet a minimum threshold, every week! Should your referrals produce more than 0.08 BTC or 3.5 ETH/wk, you’ll receive 50% of their referral fees.

What is it we’re selling? Market Maker in Livenet Production on Deribit UP more than DOUBLE in MINUTES as it realizes gains from cash n carry futures convergence giving arbitrage yields!

Market Maker UP 7.5% before September futures fundnng flipped sides:

Up a whole 240% at all-time high, settling around 130-140% after September futures dropped below perpetual price, realizing gains on convergence of cash n carry futures arbitrage:

What is it?

This Deribit and BitMEX market making bot earns on fee rebates when making an individual post-only limit order turn into a position. It also gains from the (average) difference in spread on an individual instrument, and as I saw overnight while I was sleeping it gains significantly on the convergence of perp vs futures arbitrage based on funding rates.


You can review the bot’s graph in real-time here: – note that since the huge climb and for most of today it took a break, as it noticed the increase in balance and decided to sleep for a day (the higher of my two Takeprofit values). I’ve manually intervened and it’s now pumping out trades again.

I’m offering the bot FREE of charge for those people who use my referral link. My referral link earns a % of fees when people market out of a position (every other ordering cycle it reduces it’s skew, and on either layer of stoploss/takeprofit it first reduces it’s skew back to delta-neutral then all the way down to 0 position). I believe in Free and Open Source as a religion – and while the final bot that we end up putting into production will have configs and values fed to it by our AI at Coindex Labs, the Intellectual Property for the bot without AI is mine and I decide to share it. There would need to be literally tens of millions of dollars on this bot for it to hurt anyone else’s edge.

While I’m asking for people to sign up for referral links, I’ve closed the repository with the bot until after people provide proof they’ve signed up on the referral link. While the bot was 100% open-source before, I noticed that 40 people cloned the repository in one day while I only received maybe 2 referral link signups – which isn’t sustainable. Once you sign up on the referral link, you’re free to review the code in full or have someone audit it.

You need to enter your key and secret to the file for Deribit or file for BitMEX for the bot to function. It never ever sends these keys anywhere other than to the exchanges, and when it’s sent to the exchange it’s hashed into a signature that people can’t figure out. Moreover, on an exchange like Deribit so long as the keys aren’t withdraw keys then there’s very little risk in using them in the first place.