Social Unrest, Rioting, Racism & Dissent and Discontent

Let’s be clear: Trump mentioning “Second Amendment rights” while discussing the protests is a direct call to arms to the right wing radicals and other armed individuals who have integrated themselves with peaceful protesters. He is asking for violence from his base. There are much larger issues preventing us from ending racism. The ultra-rich’s only […]

Shower Thought: Can I Resurrect and Old Failed Decentralized Exchange Arbitrage Bot I’d built, sell it as SaaS?

View this blog in it’s original form on! Awhile ago I wrote this: This code is now defunct as Totle removed some of the functionality on their GraphQL endpoint, so gathering the best bid best ask out of all their constituent Dexes – they have dozens! – is not possible. I tried to find […]

Revenue Models (for Crypto Trading Bots) Compared: Crowdfund, FOSS, Referral Fees, Subscription, Profit Share

View this article in it’s original form on! Introduction During my ages-long hobby of creating bots to offer to the general public, I’ve ran into a question that most entrepreneurs will face at some point: What sort of revenue model will I employ? Let’s look at some common ones in my niche and compare. […]

Free Proxy Rotator – Complete with Code Tutorial and Working Product

freeProxyRotator The code lives here, git clone this directory or use GitHub interface to download .zip: See video of me detailing how to write this app from start to finish here: Use npm i proxy-lists request-promise socks-proxy-agent Change this text: /home/jarettrsdunn/testnet-inter-exchange-volume-sma-crosses-trader-on-bitmex-/ to your webserver root WWW directory (usually /var/www/html on Linux). node proxies.js – this […]

Two Sides of Free Money on Compound.Finance – and Opportunities for

Introduction DeFi or Decentralized Finance is changing the ways people interact with money. Check this CoinTelegraph article on ‘decentralized finance, explained.’ DeFi empowers people across borders to bank in ways that only the underlying trustless, immutable tech that is Blockchain could allow.  In this article, we’ll look at two new and novel ways to approach […]

No I Will Not Attend Your Event: As Prospect, Prospector or Media. Here’s A Piece Detailing Symptomatically Why I Will Not

Quite often, as I’m a voice in Blockchain and tech, I’ll receive a nice and friendly invite to an event – sometimes as I open discourse in another vein or sometimes as an opening gambit. This has been more and more prevalent as time goes on – and it’s a sense of sadness for me, […]