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Binance is running a competition as we speak for 50k BNB – 40k for spot/margin, 10k for futures – if you trade more than 1 BTC in notional value in either bucket!

Lucky for me I already have a Binance futures market maker – and with a wee bit of edits to the code, it ran fine on margin 5x, too! I ran the futures on 100x and orders of 0.002 BTC and it won the futures contest in ~1hr.

Check g543 for the total. Woo!

This bot lives here, if you’ve read this entire article then feel free to sub my github if you win this comp!

I was +0.5% for most of my bot run on futures, ended at -1% on equity.

Write me for the margin trader, and get access to the 2nd half of the competition – 4x the total!

I was down about 21% – of my whopping $46 – on margin.

Woo! Binance HACKED! Free and Open Source Software!

I spent about $13 and three hour’s time to win two Binance trading giveaway competitions. I think that’s gotta be a record! Can you beat it?