Hi there friends, followers and colleagues!

UPDATE: We’re now LIVE with our offering for a 5-day trial with max 0.05 BTC balance. The market maker will prove itself by working for you before you have to pay us anything! https://www.coindexlabs.com/subscribe

TL;DR: Join us on Discord for fun and (no assurances…) profit! https://discord.gg/xuWjAUv

Coindex has (soft-)launched their SaaS platform (along with some manual steps for us to verify your settings and spin up your VM). We’re also happy to welcome my dear crypto friend Vivek Sahni to the team, as community support advisor!

My CEO Ryan wrote me a very appreciative bio on https://www.coindexlabs.com/team!

Our subscriber signup page details the several tiers available to our subscribers, and within 24 hours of our soft-launch we have 2 people live and 4 more showed interest in the initial subscription form. Mewn!

Word to wise: you can append ?ref=YOUR_NAME_OR_CODE to acquire a 15% revenue share on referrals you pass our way, to the /subscribe page, like so: https://www.coindexlabs.com/subscribe?ref=jare – and then, when they click subscribe for the subscription modal (or even if they revisit the site later without your referral code – it remembers!) it’ll auto-populate the ref field with your details.

We’re moving along swiftly by augmenting the code, integrating Coindex’s proprietary patent-pending Artificial Intelligence, and generally making it less risky and prefer making over taking – acquiring more and more fee rebates, gaining on the net difference from futures vs perpetuals prices, and the spread itself.

Look! BTC dumped about $400 and the bot was poised and ready to soak up the difference in % gains BTC. % gains USD shrank, but check that black % USD line – recovering nicely, recovering quickly!

One of our initial subscribers is running close to 1 BTC balance, check these stats:

First column tag, second column daily % PnL, third column total % PnL, fourth column balance BTC

Another subscriber realized even more gains, promptly increasing his balance:

That first subscriber wrote us a little testimonial 🙂 Here it is:

I’ve tested A LOT of crypto trading bots and even customized a few but most end up making losses in the end or struggling in a volatile market. I’ve been using [Jare’s Bot] and can tell it’s a whole different machine and even through a few random pumps or dumps that didn’t follow a trend it still held up fine and hedged against it. Solid bot that aims at consistent gains.

Note: we can not and will not assure or imply returns. Risk only what you can afford to lose.