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EDIT: The arbitrageur on totle was a bust their API can’t handle concurrent requests. So I rebuilt the whole thing for 0x swap API but they don’t let me specify a fee for me so there’s no more free option for the bot. Good news is it checks price on 57 tokens every 5.7 seconds!

The round-trip, eth -> token -> eth or triangular arbitrage [bucket of tokens I don’t mind holding] -> token -> [bucket of tokens I don’t mind holding] transactions are BEHAVING AS EXPECTED!

What this means is that when we run my FREE arb bot, it identifies possible trade routes and then acts on them as soon as it notices them. This means that otherwise un-arbitraged trade routes are now available for fun and profit, using any combination of dividend-earning or high-liquidity coins you see fit!

Check out the top performers in all of decentralized ethereum ecosystem’s arbitrageurs:

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–> The FREE option institutes a 0.25% fee for me on each trade, which also adds on the dex aggregator’s 0.25% fee. They don’t have a fee if I don’t have a fee. If you count all the trades in the swap-then-swap to get arbitrage profits, that’s 1% on top of the exchange’s fees. For the low fee of 1 ETH per month I will provide an extra-fee-less version of the bot. This is helpful when trading larger volumes! <–

The sad news is that the dexArb Github repo has been made private. This is to ensure the profitability of my revenue structures. The good news is that the dex aggregator in use, Totle, has offered to audit the source code to add their credibility that there’s no nonsense going on with anyone’s private keys.

Want to join? Check this new dexArb Telegram group: