READ ON DOWNWARD for a sneak preview of an up-and-coming bot I’ve been creating that might make a subscribable appearance…Shameless self-promo: Click this referral link!Note that referrals aren’t even released yet – pending a week or two, they’ll be integrated in the backend of the system. Note that today I helped set up Trello public voting on upcoming features here on their product roadmap board!This brings me to one of the main points about my post: their team – from executives down to community managers (my dear friend Vivek / Crypto Trader, from Our Telegram Chatroom surrounding bots) and even those community members that derive some satisfaction or even a living from publishing bots on the platform as marketplace publishers are not only cordial and very quick to respond, but ENGAGING the community at a rate that gives me an enthusiasm.Why do I say ‘My Product Vision?’

Note: they didn’t copy me or steal my idea 🙂 Great minds think alike!Awhile ago (April, according to GitHub) I had an idea:

I saw this niche and thought damnif I already have a community of people looking to buy bots subscribe to bots or build bots for that communityit’s a self-sustaining ecosystemMudrex chat is many times that sizeso if I could automate serving and submitting botsto that communityit’d be a great proof of concept for that communityand a way to monetize my own stuffI wasn’t concerned with legalities tho was going to do profit share and ICOs for bot owner’s accounts 😛

(note: this story’s main image of backtests and this above image come from my friend Vivek’s Orion bot. Check it out! Be sure to diversify your portfolio with other bots, though, to minimize exposure and risk! )The platform allows easy, block-style building – with an upcoming signal importer and code editor for advanced users – seamlessly integrated with backtests, paper trades, live trade histories!

Sneak Peak: Price Action All Over the Place Confirmed with Basic IndicatorsA friend of mine in Telegram asked me to write them a bot. Once Mudrex delivers on about three new features they already had planned (like limit orders, signal importer) they’ll not only stand leagues ahead of competition but also allow me to port this bot from where it stands on node.js into the platform – and gather all you folks to sustain me for a coffee or some rent by renting the bot!It uses a combination of secret sauce indicators combined with SLs, TPs at market to effectively conquer binance futures and deribit markets. We’ve seen returns hit as high as 33% on equity in less than a day, with some drawdowns we’re looking to further optimize. Stay tuned!Look at how quickly it recovered from this drawdown!

The bot’s benefactor already withdrew profits realized by the bot – twice! My initial test balance is up a full 35% – we’re both running livenet, on different exchanges :)Not to mention….Notional traded! Fee rebates! Good feelings!

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