Make Money Making Bitcoin Crypto Markets Market Making Fee Rebates – Better than Stocks to Buy LIVE!

hello welcome to this next edition in the series of coin dicks louses inaugural market-making bought how it compares against the competition which is in a separate video that’s re published and how it earns on fees and futures convergence of prices and the spread so the spread is actually a video that’s already done and you can view that on our channel well you’re looking at our channel feel free to the liked it subscribe and share everything you see that you like and spread the word all about capitalizing on inefficiencies and markets one thing we’re gonna look at today on this video is if you can’t beat em join em number one make money making markets market making fifty rebates and well that’s a handful to say um it is actually in an absolute fact true for exchanges like bid mix and Durban and cracking and BitFenix and buy bit and a whole bunch otherwise you’re actually able to earn a part of the marquee if you’re able to make on the market rather than take on the market um and what does that mean exactly well let’s have a look at an order book so no open up my dear bit where our market maker is currently widely look great I’ll show you what I mean so we’re posting these trades as post only orders which means that if it were to be instituted on immediately um they would it took a break here because we’re too volatile to trade yeah pick one quadrillion dollars in the course of a few minutes by the way we’re doing post only orders which means that if we’re trying to make an order if it’s gonna be immediately executed against instead of going on the books that we don’t make that order which means you current fees every trade so if you’re to make a limit by order for less than the current price that’s gonna be making the market if you make it one bit sell order for more price that’s gonna be making the market and vice versa so when somebody acts against your order you get Uribe let’s take a look what the fees look like we actually have preferred fees and I’m in the wrong category we have prefer fees with their butt and a few of the other exchanges which he can have all five for if you do it enough trading but let’s take a look at their VIP treating feeds I don’t like your data management show you something to eat judy judy judy judy are logged in let’s take a look at the training fees on their butt and just to compare let’s take a look at the trading feeds upon fitting X now I like where this levy on it a lot better you know a lot smoother and a lot more able to handle large amounts of flooding among all the users by the way let’s take a look the Bitcoin virtual and futures fees here you can see the maker fee is negative two zero two five percent meaning that we burn 0.025 percent for our tray that we make the market on and the date Rafi is zero point zero seven five percent so if you’re taking against the books and your orders of B execute against keep a this questionnaire fees and then bit next it’s a third of it it pays the person it would be market that they keep two thirds of it for themselves so what does this look like we actually going to look at their of it too but you can see here that for professional in futures beyond Bitcoin it’s the exact same price the exact same rebate and and take your fee as we were take against the market so let’s take a look and so in my trading screen here you can see that I reduced market to close out my positions here in the last trade but all of these other trades that the bot was doing the Poland xlab’s market making bought that we have on trial right now for a five day free trial on all of these trades has been doing negative fees or earning fees every single time two trades and this adds up over time this is not our best market making account this is my market that they encounter which hasn’t been active in a little while but it should probably see some keep a little fees here under statistics now it’s not a big example mr. counts on the negatives able to thank debit account but all altogether in 2019 it’s it’s burned about one two three Bitcoin and since it started these more recent stats are from developing the bar that having market-making enabled or rather taping enabled I wonder if I can log in to our actual running market maker is it on this other whoops I think it is dere yeah I am logged in here so I’ll show you what the expiry base look like on our live trader that’s actually doc laughs you say that to get balance too late over the last 24 hours or so it’s gonna be a fair amount of it one that we burn so you can see here we traded almost ten Bitcoin and we learned while we didn’t earn actually because we did some market rates but that’s okay and a lot of seven days we’ve done this many Bitcoin hundred and fifty two and we’ve earned zero one zero two just over 0.02 Bitcoin feeds and that’s one of the ways we make money using our making market maker so thank you very much and I hope you do the video and go check out our other videos and like to share and subscribe and join our discord and take a look at the SUBSCRIBE endpoint on our website which looks like this or index lung performance line and subscribe and we’ll see you on the flip side when you start your five day free trial bye