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hello and welcome to this next video in the series by going next limes my name is Jared daun I’m chief we putting the officer joined a club and we’re going over some points about performance whether I first thought we have on offer for our software as a service platform so today what we’re going to go over is the historical performance of getting it $5,000 and trade with um and then seeing what it did to during this time there was a spike in Bitcoin price went up by about three hundred dollars in the course of about five minutes so we gave you our AI powered robot Raider market maker five thousand dollars in trade with and it survives pump and Dom so let’s take a look what that looks like here you can see I just zoom in this chart here this is the Boz performance over time the blue line Keenan is the Bitcoin US dollar value over time the Green Line is our percent returns in Bitcoin and the black line is our percent returns in u.s. dollars so we have a hedge on this account meaning that um I can actually show you what that looks like so here’s our trading account it’s got this many bitcoins to trade with which is about five hundred dollars it’s uh forty three hundred dollars right now but some of the money is actually in this head doing Kevin here so we take the total US dollar value for both of the accounts so there’s actually a fair amount of in the hedging account here six hundred and forty nine dollars so as you can see our box actually up just over four thousand dollars there was some fees when we purchase big white as well so we’re up a fair bit and we’ll go back to the shirt and review that again at the end of the chart what we gain two significant amount over a short period of time but for now uh it was about $5,000 with a Bitcoin that we have in both these of counsel in this hedge account we should see what when we scroll down here an open position or a set of positions totaling five thousand US dollars short meaning just having sold Bitcoin and that will protect against the price of Bitcoin going down our US dollar returns will remain equal based on these shorts so you guys here we have exactly five thousand dollars shorted which is what we expected over these three contracts so if we go back to our graph here you can see that the price of Bitcoin here on Thursday April 2nd 14 20 local my time the price of Bitcoin was about six six six six so I’m going to say this is unlucky I think it’s a fairly lucky number because right then Bitcoin over the course of the next geez hold on I guess it’s right here that counts this this bike here from from six eight nine eight all the way up to seven one eight one lesson just reading this chart 11:06 by the way Bitcoin gained a significant amount of value in a short period of time and what happened to our Bitcoin returns is that our Bitcoin returns went down because the value of the shorts decreased over that period of time but our US dollar returns remained almost exactly equal over the giant pump on that occurred here on Tuesday and then if you can see our wider chart here from the beginning of the box running till now you can see that near the end here we we increase the order size and change some of the maximum skew logic and all that fun stuff so there’s a whole bunch of things that go on behind the scenes to make our market makers more successful and and optimize based on the level of risk aversion that you would like to have so you see here in India spiracles meaning that we traded more often we traded for more value and if I just zoom in here this is very slow come on computer come on computer you can see that as the coin fell in price by about $300 on our Bitcoin returns in the Greenline have gone up to nearly 5 percent and our US dollar returns have gone up to nearly 5 percent as well on equity I mean the last she’s out and on 16:16 day and a half I guess that this charts been running which is kind of fantastic so how are the other subscribers doing well we can go to this screen here where I have a list of everybody that’s subscribed burning the blog right now some of them are not using the hedge that I just described and you can see that some of them are actually down like uh significant amount of value because of the coin assuming we figure that the price has gone down so their Bitcoin returns using the Bitcoin strategy I’ve also gone down but you can see that these other people running the book when sure to you I’ve actually had a fairly decent run and they’ve made six percent and three percent as of yet in the last two thirds with a I guess there’s also people running the hedge so here’s the values and US dollars denoted better return using the hedge strategy and then their Bitcoin yields from using a hedging strategy and you can see that everybody’s up a fair amount if we zoom in here we can see that we have twenty thousand dollars under management right now not it not just the five thousand dollars not one account of all these accounts they’ve traded one hundred and ten thousand I don’t know this looks like a million a million yet 1.1 million dollars those well traded that’s the contrary to US dollars in that back again over the last twenty four hours or something and then we’ve earned collectively thirty four hundred dollars in fees that’s one of the ways that the blog runs consistently is with every trade that it’s doing almost every trade they earns a little bit of fees and collectively are one two three four five six years I’ve earned thirty four hundred dollars in the last day the average winning projected on Bitcoin returns daily is thirty five percent on the equity and divers US dollar returns is twenty six percent on equity daily these rallies probably will go down so don’t get too excited as time goes on because they get more accurate when there’s more data rather than a smaller sample size because you some bees have only been running for a short amount of time and some of them are up to 2/3 of a day or so um and that’s basically that um that’s how the boss been doing over the last little while um basically ever since we incorporated the coin decks proprietary artificial intelligence to move on um the returns have skyrocketed and we’ve got much much more profitable as it as it predicts the volatility going forward into the future and then I can incorporate that into the logic of the bot to make sure that we trade the less often what we don’t want to tell you every so often this list refreshes which you can see now they’re still updated as the other BOTS wearing in with their performance should be less than a minute before we have all the missed list again these list rather but that’s basically it I think that you guys should review the other video that I had which actually outlines how to take part in our Friday limited free trial because I think that’s important and you can also review who we are and what our value proposition is and hopefully make up your minds so you try this out for the trial already well thank you so much guys and I will post the links and relevant information in the description here I think you guys have really lucked out by finest I have this early stage alright thank you