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In a given Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs you’ll find a tiered pyramid that starts with you being fed, and climbs thru safety then belongingness and love, esteem, and finally – at the highest tier – self-actualization.

A brief search on your favorite search engine will find images like so:

What I’d like to suggest is a Maslow Hierarchy for people in first-world countries: where we take safety for granted. What do we need in our Wellness Pyramid in order to be, well, well?

On our first tier, we’ll find rest and liquids. Any doctor worth his weight in gold (or bitcoin) will tell you that the tricks to becoming well are rest and liquids. Without sleep, we’d eventually turn insane and then die – and without water, we’d die within days. Days! Interested in bitcoin? Read here how you can turn your daily browsing into potentially hundreds of dollars a month – as advertisers pay YOU for viewing your ads, all the while blocking dangerous 3rd-party ads (like YouTube ads).

Stay hydrated!

On our next tier we’ll find the other stuff that medical professionals recommend for anyone, regardless of their physical or mental ailment (barring extremes, like catatonic schizophrenia): Exercise, and healthy diet!

We can control a whole bunch of our brains worst and best tendencies if we practice these two essential parts of our lifestyles. With proper and regular exercise we not only sleep better, but we feel better and we live longer. Fact! With healthy diet we can make sure that we keep our body’s needs in check and also feed our brains the vitamins, minerals and all that jazz that it sorely needs in order to think better, think more positively and think more often.

Now, to be well we need to be stress-free. The #1 way to be stress-free is to distract yourself: like to spend time with hobbies reduces stress, jobs, a gamenight with family or the internet’s world of memes and joy can all help you spend the time. These distractions give you little doses of dopamine throughout the day that you can expect and count on. Down this road also lies dangerous, negative solutions like drugs and alcohol giving you that same release – so take care, and try to surround yourself with activities that attribute to your overall success rather than detract from them.

What crowns our new wellness and happiness pyramid?


We’re all trying to be heard, to be cared about and to have an effect on someone’s life, way of thinking, or their own wellbeing – whether they be close to us, or the greater population at large. Some of us take up blogging – some of us, journalism – and some of us just want to make sure we have some kind of everlasting imprint on our kids, friends or other loved ones.

This is quintessential to your wellbeing and health when all else is taken for granted.

As you grow older, you may notice that your mobility and autonomy start slipping away. You’ll no longer be able to drive, to garden, to sing – and you may find yourself less and less responsible for other people’s schedules, days, and otherwise find yourself proving less and less of a use.

If you’re young now: enjoy your autonomy and mobility. Enjoy the ways in which you influence others and win friends.

If you’re getting older: try and find new and exciting ways to have an effect on the world (like blogging, writing a book, or otherwise expressing yourself in a low-effort way. Did you know you could speak to your internet browser, and have it type out what you’re saying? It’s called Speech-to-Text!).

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And that concludes our Wellness Pyramid, a Maslow Hierarchy applied to everyone living where the basics are taken for granted!

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