Paid Guest Article Collab

I get this email a lot:

So, systemize it! Hey folks!

Let’s start with some stats: ATOW:

Dofollow? Yes!

Check canon and dofollows on Ahrefs: (where most of my crypto/business/entrepreneurship mediums are, they’re a medium publication):

Dofollow! Assured!

So what’s the pitch?

1-4 dofollow links from top domains, canonical links, then dozens (hundreds?) of syndicated link, just look at the majesty on ahrefs for!

It’s $25 to pitch to goodaudience editors, $50 to pitch to hackernoon editors.

Following these guidelines, they can’t be brand-y or sales-y:

$100 if accepted on either, or flat $100 to place and syndicate on Medium/

We can resubmit new content, for an additional $25/$50 per submission.

This is compared to brand-as-author credit on Hackernoon:

Bonus: I’ll throw in an email to my substack list (2332 – I admit I imported from gmail, some of these are noreply addresses but there’s about 300-500 that open my mails regularly who are at least marginally interested) for another $150.

Need content, unique and in my voice?

$300 / 1000 words, prorated per # words.

In total, a submission to Medium, Substack and would cost $100, $400 if I write 1000 words, and $550 if I email to my mailing list.

Additionally, we can submit to Goodaudience and Hackernoon for $25/$50 per attempted and reviewed submission, pass or fail.


Optionally, we can do:

I can offer Medium+Substack (regular post) where I write 1000 words, and I email to my mailing list.
If the content is non-branded, I can submit these for review on Hackernoon and Goodaudience.
Subscribe to the monthly or yearly package here and receive 2 pieces of content / yr:

Hint: Subscribe more than once for multiples of 2, ie. subscribing 3 times would yield you 3×2=6 pieces of content a year.