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The Interview

The other day, I interviewed for a supervisor role within a top domain name registrar. Although most of the requirements are something I’ve already done before, it should prove an interesting diversion and provide funds to fuel my other ventures into creating passive income. Moreover, it would allow me to concentrate on my overall health and wellness — and support my goals of starting a family. While working in crypto is fun and exciting, it would be nice (wonderful?) to have a sustainable income I can depend on, while funding retirement plans ie. ~3% APR on WBTC on some providers or ~4–4.5% returns across many DeFi on the Robo Advisor. Even better — there are certain advantages to working in an environment with other people, for once, that I’ve been sorely lacking for the last 7–8 years working remotely from home — as well as benefits, employment insurance contributions, tax withholdings,.. etc… which I hadn’t had for that entire time, either!

I went into some details surrounding my mental health background, having conquered my own battles in order to learn and grow and become more able to perceive and understand other people’s points of view — turning a ‘disadvantage’ into one of my greatest selling points.

I feel happy with how the interview went, and should hear back about the potential for a 2nd interview soon.

The Pitch

During the interview, one of the questions was ‘sometimes meeting metrics and showing up every day is tough. How would you motivate your team?’

I said something akin to ‘I’ve actually given this question a lot of thought before the interview. What it really boils down to is what’s allowed or what there’s a budget for: can I offer people gift certificates in a competition for hitting targets? If there’s no budget to do that, can I offer them up on my own? Maybe we could have a points system to redeem for merchandise, paid time off, or other financial incentives..’

Read that again, but in the terms crypto fans would appreciate: A Blockchain solution for immutable transactions recorded to a distributed system for persistence, redundancy, transparency and accountability.

In the interview process, I can’t really suggest a ground-breaking solution using new and novel tech to an internet giant company. While they might be reciprocal at a later stage to something like this, they’d probably look at me with eyes wide shut if I came up with something as absurd (and potentially as costly) as that.

This does, however, ‘plant the seed’ that could take over into a successful pitch in the not-so-distant-future.

What Are the Actual Sunk Costs of Dev?


As I’ve detailed in a 3–4 hour video presentation on education-ecosystem (that you might have to unfortunately pay to see), I’ve already forked and successfully recreated the Ethereum mainnet onto my own single-use block producing machine. What this means in layman’s is that I can do anything that the Ethereum blockchain can do — on my own computers or devices, with my own tokens or smart contracts, in an environment where I set my own difficulty and I’m the only one mining — meaning I have full control over the Ether token and full rewards from all mining.

What this means in a global organization with many thousands computers across datacenters already is that some of these machines can run an eth-fork node running this new blockchain, in their idle processing time, and confirm blocks — achieving distributed systems for our new and fledgling blockchain.

As I’ve taped myself elsewhere on education-ecosystem (give a project search for my username h3xadecimal), I’ve created DApps on Ether using Truffle.js or other frameworks. The next step would be a simple but beautiful templated website in static HTML that’s served, again, for free or near-0 costs that then integrates — via MetaMask — with the newly created blockchain and its nodes, using a custom endpoint for provider.

This website would then allow a whole bunch of different functions — without confusing users with Blockchain-ish terms — from transferring ‘points’ from your own account to your friend’s account, or (like I said in the interview) exchanging tokens for corporate merchandise, partner’s merchandise or other partner offerings, and even paid time off — even including gift cards or entry into contests for more financial rewards, more merch or more PTO. The ideas can stream from here and I wouldn’t be the only head in the mix at this point, and I’m sure we would have a ton of rewarding things that tokens can be sent to 0x0 (the originating address) for.

Insofar as the upkeep of nodes and the static site — all of this is easily documented in the same way I’ve documented other tech solutions, for complete newbies to consume and understand and replicate the success I’ve achieved — meaning the solution may well have longevity after I’ve gone.

Next Steps?

With 3500+ employees on LinkedIn, I could give a 0- or near-0 cost to incentivize first my team in a pilot and, later, more in the building — and more in the world.

This benefits the organization by allowing them an uncompromisable solution for employee rewards — and, if successful, one that could be packaged and resold to small- to medium-sized organizations. This is a pro I seem to think that one of the largest internet domain name registrars would appeal to, do you agree?

This benefits the employees by gamifying employee rewards, and allowing them to accumulate, share, compete with their tokens — potentially taking part in contests and other fun activities. I didn’t mention this in detail but people would acquire tokens for perceivably good behavior: good attendance, exemplary metrics, and other types of achievable objectives that benefit them and the greater whole.

This benefits blockchain by putting a real-world example into focus within a large IT organization, where the users themselves get direct exposure to the technology and then can learn more about it if they choose — and the organization itself can champion the acceptance of blockchain worldwide, if we prove we can achieve a net net positive result for everyone involved.

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