Next Up on Ongoing Negotiations with Kraken, Bitfinex, BitMEX, and Successful Ones With Deribit and Binance: FTX!

Darren, While we’re excited about the prospect of trading many more high-liquidity perps vs futures, FTX allows many other interesting opportunities. I rewrote the bot and was trading around 12 perps and hedging them against futs or vica versa simultaneously – the bot is ready to be put in production, even though the change from […]

A Perfectly Symmetrically Delta-Neutral Market Maker

Check out Coindex Lab’s symmetrically delta-neutral market making bot! Great news! It’s available here: (please do sign up under my affiliate link, though!) How is this fantastic? Hey Deribit, I did about $200k volume on BTC perp and futures last 24hrs on $70 balance. and >$6million total. my CEO has done $12m We’re increasing our […]

Shower Thought: Can I Resurrect and Old Failed Decentralized Exchange Arbitrage Bot I’d built, sell it as SaaS?

View this blog in it’s original form on! Awhile ago I wrote this: This code is now defunct as Totle removed some of the functionality on their GraphQL endpoint, so gathering the best bid best ask out of all their constituent Dexes – they have dozens! – is not possible. I tried to find […]

Revenue Models (for Crypto Trading Bots) Compared: Crowdfund, FOSS, Referral Fees, Subscription, Profit Share

View this article in it’s original form on! Introduction During my ages-long hobby of creating bots to offer to the general public, I’ve ran into a question that most entrepreneurs will face at some point: What sort of revenue model will I employ? Let’s look at some common ones in my niche and compare. […]

How to Build a Winning Tool for Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data

See this post in it’s original form on! Today, we’ll summarize my continued efforts to build a sentiment analysis tool. This tool is using the Twitter API to consume 97 different Twitter handles, that provide Crypto trading signals. This method can easily be applied to traditional markets – effectively capitalizing on new and highly […]

What are trade bots? Robot traders explained!

Read this article in it’s original form, on! Join our growing Telegram community for blog updates, bot chat, general fun and crypto madness? Introduction There’s nothing more enjoyable than trading for a living. You basically sit there, and exchange money for other things of value and then back again. Rinse wash repeat, and […]

Skip the SSL w/ Serverless Telegram Bot via Now.js

See this article in it’s original form on! Join our growing Telegram community for blog updates, bot chat, general fun and crypto madness? Try this bot on Telegram!! Sponsor my opensource efforts on GitHub! Note: these directions come without much conversation, let the hacking begin! Set up a Bot with @BotFather Create […]

Introducing My Product Vision Realized Pre-emptively:

READ ON DOWNWARD for a sneak preview of an up-and-coming bot I’ve been creating that might make a subscribable appearance…Shameless self-promo: Click this referral link!Note that referrals aren’t even released yet – pending a week or two, they’ll be integrated in the backend of the system. Note that today I helped set up Trello public voting on […]

Traded $1m CAD in 5 hours: Porting a Bot to Binance Futures Market Making Competition

Introduction Yesterday, Binance announced a Market Maker Competition for their new Futures platform. Included in the competition is $0 Market Maker fees, and a prize pool of $hundreds thousands USDT. My Plan I ported Deribit’s Python Example Market Maker to Binance Futures, using CCXT to connect the API. Issues I can’t seem to edit my […]