Free Proxy Rotator – Complete with Code Tutorial and Working Product

freeProxyRotator The code lives here, git clone this directory or use GitHub interface to download .zip: See video of me detailing how to write this app from start to finish here: Use npm i proxy-lists request-promise socks-proxy-agent Change this text: /home/jarettrsdunn/testnet-inter-exchange-volume-sma-crosses-trader-on-bitmex-/ to your webserver root WWW directory (usually /var/www/html on Linux). node proxies.js – this […]

First Two GitHub Sponsors Subs!

Join our growing Telegram community for blog updates, bot chat, general fun and crypto madness? Today is a good day.. my open-source contributions make money (again!) With the apparent death of, I can now derive (2x my income for the first $5k USD!) income from GitHub. Everyone who wants to buy me a […] Pages

Join our growing Telegram community for blog updates, bot chat, general fun and crypto madness? Everyone read this helpful article on how to export static WordPress stuff to 🙂 Works like a breeze except I don’t think you need to change your branch over, more info to come… Now, a blog that won’t […]

GitHub Sponsors Program Delivers on Promises, Allies With Stripe

Just got a heart-warming email from GitHub about their Sponsors program!My fellow Hackers, have you all applied your most prolific GitHub accounts to join the program? Word to wise: they’re doubling everyone’s sponsorship dollar values up to a whopping $5000 USD each and every month for the first calendar year you’re using their services! That’s […]

Final Bot Pre-Launch & Initial HN 2.0 Post!

Hi folks!Look at this alpha!In most of my recent posts which are apparently a 404 but live here:, I’ve been discussing different iterations of my different bots, which are available for public consumption.What’s new is that the new strategy on Livenet appears to be live and well.. so I’m going to drop the ReadMe here and […]

Market Making, Moving Crypto — Free and Open Source Binance Bot

# binanceMarketMaker ** ask for access ** This bot automates making markets on Binance. Where other market making bots fail (ie. BitMex, Deribit, other attempts I’ve made in the past) is by counting on the market to not be volatile. Where this bot wins is by finding markets where we can soak up profits in […]

Opensource Reddit Sentiment Analysis and Sentence Randomizer

Connect to gsheets for later: Connect to Reddit Load top 1000 /r/bitcoin hot posts Take the raw text, split it into an array on newline chars, filter out empty strings Create an array of judged sentiments from the Natural Language Toolkkit’s Vader function for each string in array from step 4 For each of the […]