No I Will Not Attend Your Event: As Prospect, Prospector or Media. Here’s A Piece Detailing Symptomatically Why I Will Not

Quite often, as I’m a voice in Blockchain and tech, I’ll receive a nice and friendly invite to an event – sometimes as I open discourse in another vein or sometimes as an opening gambit. This has been more and more prevalent as time goes on – and it’s a sense of sadness for me, […]

Top 3 Ways: How to Influence People and Make Friends (and How Maslow Theory Applies)

Read this post in it’s original form on! Do you need motivation? Learn how to influence people and make friends with this quick cheat-sheet, straight from the mind of someone who’s almost a narcissist! No, wait, before you click off thinking ‘yeah yeah edgelord’ consider this: the people who know most about how to […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Universally Applied (for 1st World Countries, anyways), Here’s a Wellness Pyramid!

View this post in it’s original form, on! In a given Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs you’ll find a tiered pyramid that starts with you being fed, and climbs thru safety then belongingness and love, esteem, and finally – at the highest tier – self-actualization. A brief search on your favorite search engine will find […]

Top 4 (And Bonuses!) Reasons You Should Always Prepare for the Worst

Join our growing Telegram community for blog updates, bot chat, general fun and crypto madness? #1: You’ll Always be Pleasantly Surprised This is actually a secret my mom taught me over and over again. If you expect the worst possible outcome in any given situation – love, relationships, family, work – then whatever does […]

How do people with mental health illnesses like schizophrenia or other psychoses think?

View this article in it’s original form, on! Join our growing Telegram community for blog updates, bot chat, general fun and crypto madness? He stared out from behind his eyes wide shut. In front of him, displayed like countless myriad millions television screens laid one next to each other, were the lives of […]