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When God was making Eve, did a deer take notice?

When Man was making Machine, did the deer understand the implication?

When Biology created Man’s brain, was there a deer who thought about it – considered it, beheld it?

When Man devised the origin of the Universes, The Big Bang Theory, and String Theory, and when Physics combined Carbon and Hydrogen and invented Biology – was there a deer who was impacted, in a way that the deer took pause?

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When Machine invented Memes, do deer find them necessary?

This is the methodology I apply to paradigms and assumptions. If we take a theory of piece of propaganda as gospel, is it required to function as a being on the Earth? Even less so than the deer, does an ant have currency – or do they deal in the requirements for life? Do bees barter with honey?

This is a simple concept with huge implications. Most people don’t question these assumptions and paradigms, and most people don’t see a world that revolves without the ideas pushed on us from a very small age. The lessons our parents and societies teach us define the ways in which we think, the ways we frame our thoughts and how we communicate.

Image result for what I say what people understand

In 1984, George Orwell proposed a dumbed down version of English called Newspeak – the theory was that people who can’t think of a word let alone effect it in speech will not be able to express or feel dissent and discontent. Our society has this same war on language, without ever expressing their goals: short-hand leaked emails among the world’s most powerful people illustrate this in grave detail. Think how Trump’s Twitter being the official communication from the White House has further effected this outcome…

The logotype for [Ingsoc](/wiki/lang_en/Ingsoc) from the film *[Nineteen Eighty-Four](/wiki/lang_en/Nineteen_Eighty-Four_(1984_film))* (1984), directed by Michael Radford. Main Image

When we can’t contest what is forced on us, will we become more and more the deer? Oblivious and ignorant, just like Orwell’s warnings about the future us would have us chant:

war is peace
freedom is slavery
ignorance is strength

What endgame does having currency as an ingrained and indisputable concept – a necessity to function – truly serve? Whose agenda pushes this envelope on newborns? In the same light – and not meaning to drive argument here, just pointing it out – how does financial objectives play a factor in whether or not every child is vaccinated? Wouldn’t the big money put big money into ensuring they get greater returns, regardless of medical implications? Why is car insurance a legal requirement to operate a vehicle? Why are licenses a legal requirement to do anything?


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