We’re all probably familiar with some of the more obvious times Karl Pilkington was right about one of the things he’s said or theorized about, although with a touch of creativity applied – like someone giving their baby to their new husband’s gorilla for a week, or the leech-nosed man creating looks of frightenedness after drinking water from a muddy stream.

Some less-obvious examples that aren’t immediately identifiable by people reproaching Ricky and Steve on the show are things like the guy with the bad cancer that came out of his throat to eat the meat that his wife had prepared. He’d choked to death, indeed – but rather than on a ‘bad cancer,’ the actual story reports a tapeworm that had grown out-of-control.

What’s important to consider here is whether or not some of Karl’s weirder thoughts – what would a world where octopuses have two heads be like? – have some roots in plausibility. He’s considered some strange scenarios and gotten to some stranger resolutions that might be a light of shining glory when his little round head is uncovered in millennia to come.

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Once, Steve reads a synopsis of a story written about a post-apocalyptic future where different breeds of grazing rats and predator rats emerge as the victorious species, and posits whether or not a race of super-intelligent rats would evolve from the barren waste – and while Karl listened, he’d probably thought to himself that’s just as likely as any of the scenarios I dream up. The difference is that one is a respected author whose written it and immortalized nonsense in a book, where Karl is painted for the world to see as a nonsense man not to be taken seriously.

What are the implications? I think that a university degree whose subject is the life and times – and theories – of Karl would indeed be an interesting diversion. It’d enthrall both the person studying and reporting, as well as countless thousands of us bald Manc supporters around the world. It’d be fun to see an itemized list of all the times Karl had a story just a little embellished vs. completely wrong…

All in all, we can learn a lot from the ramblings of a maniac – from Karl’s musings and contemplation. I think that he has – as Ricky often says – a child-like and innocent, inoffensive view of the world and everyone in it (aside from maybe, sometimes, Steve). I think that most people can take a page from Karl’s book and instead of hating that which they cannot understand, we can look to try to conceive it in our own little perspective – in awe and wonder, like Karl does.

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I think I’ll truly enjoy writing more and more about my understanding of Karl’s wealth of knowledge – in his ignorance, there’s a lot to be reflected on and learned. You’re welcome to join me on this journey 🙂

Just remember when you’re feeling down that the three of them had no idea what they call the leader of China for a good 2 weeks…