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#1: You’ll Always be Pleasantly Surprised

This is actually a secret my mom taught me over and over again. If you expect the worst possible outcome in any given situation – love, relationships, family, work – then whatever does come to pass will certainly be better than your expectations!

In such a way, you’ll find little joys throughout your day and week. These little joys will create a sense of reward that you might not have had if you were constantly being let down by your own expectations.

Framing your world in a different light can have certain advantages – for those with very specific minds, you might lose touch with the ‘real reality’ and become a concern for your own self’s well-being. Read an article I wrote on how people with schizophrenia and mental health can actually think (from first-hand experience).

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#2: Emergency Preparedness Saves Lives

In a much more literal sense, being prepared for the worst will mean that you create disaster recovery plans – be they for the zombie apocalypse, should your car die and need repairs you can’t immediately afford, or if the lights go out for a day or two – having a plan improves your chances of getting through the scenario measurably.

This is so true that a brief Google search returns many millions islands (results, in Google English Pirate language) for ’emergency preparedness course,’ like this one at a Canadian university.

#3: You’ll Be Ready for Anything

Hand in hand with being prepared for the worst-case scenario, you’ll also be ready for all the other scenarios up and down the range of possible outcomes – from the best possible ones right down to what could potentially be the absolute worst. Because you have considered and somehow either counted or discounted each possible route, you will have a plan for accomplishing things regardless of how fate will twist your arm.

As you get more and more used to this mental exercise, you’ll notice that your breadth of perception will naturally expand – as you’ll be considering more ‘twists of fate,’ having added personal experience and the nature of the universe as it tends towards infinity. What I mean to say, rather, is that as the Powers That Be (whatever you subscribe to) throw new and unexpected curveballs your way, your brain will naturally plan for even more possibilities and outcomes. This will expand your mind way better than the hippie in highschool promised you Lysergic Acid Diethylamide ever could have come close to.

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#4: You’ll Achieve More Goals

Well, #3 was a bit of a doublethink mindfuck. What does it translate to, practically? Why should it be encouraging, rather than something to be afraid of?

In reality, creating new and interesting ways to approach problems will give you new and novel ways of conquering those problems. Your new disaster emergency preparedness attitude – when applied to everything – will allow you to accomplish more and more of your goals, more and more frequently.

This has a fantastic effect on your mindset, and overall happiness. If you do end up doing the things you set out to do more often than you do now, or even in fashions you hadn’t considered before, then you’ll have more and more dopamine for your pleasure centers – which means a happier, healthier you!

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Bonus: Win Friends and Influence Enemies

With a happier, healthier you comes a number of bonus effects – like a boost in charisma, confidence, ability. This truly is a snowball effect of positive outcomes.

When you present yourself better – or at least, more confidently – it results in people taking you more seriously, or appreciating you (or at least, your opinions and voice) more and more. This will allow you to gain more traction at work, home, and play.

It will allow you to harness your new-found powers of persuasion in two important ways. First, you’ll be able to befriend more people more frequently – winning their approval and allowing them to become proponents of whatever causes or values you subscribe to. Second, you’ll be able to exert your newfound influence over people who might detract from your causes or values – allowing you to gain more of a say over the people who would do you ill or harm (even just on the theoretical, intellectual level).

Did I interest you already about the ways in which a segregated, compartmentalized mindset can be a blessing – and a curse? Read my other article here on how schizophrenia increases your chances of an early end to your mortal turmoil (read again: it’s a fatal diagnosis. No, no joke!)

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Bonus (Voice of Reason!) #2: This Is Actually a Lot of Work

When you’re tasking your mind with so much data to consume and analyze, you’re actually spending a lot more time thinking about yourself and your surroundings, experiences and misconceptions an awful lot more than you are should you not be exercising this theory. This can translate to an awful lot of work – something that might end up tasking you to a point where it can do more harm than good.

Truly, if you become preoccupied by this exercise and it gets in the way of goals rather than helping them – or prevents you from performing at work, home, school, or anywhere – then it might not be worth the time that goes into it. As with anything, it’s good in moderation – and we should always exercise a good balance in our own minds.

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